Toddler-Made: Last Minute, Mess-Free DIY Valentines

Given that Valentines Day hasn’t escaped the barbed wire of parental judgement, with all of those over-priced trinkets and tokens, I’m quite surprised that I’ve the gall to show my face here with this little DIY.

But for the love of my son and my desire to do fun things with him, I’ve decided to show my true colors and take a leap of faith that there are some of you who, like me, abhor the consumerism of said day of everlasting joy and happiness, but generally enjoy a good themed activity now and then and dig the idea of your little one not being too jaded. Yet.

I mean, they don’t have much to go on in the jilted lover department yet, right? For the moment life is all about playdates, cultivating young and free friendships and making Valentines for their classmates with their mom or dad. Or something.

  • Easy. Promise. 1 of 7
    Toddler-Made DIY Valentines

    You can whip these up tonight  (or tomorrow morning if your toddler(s) wake up at the crack of dawn like mine do), with a quick jaunt to the dollar store! Click through for the instructions...

  • Materials 2 of 7

    You'll need:

    • Foam heart cut-outs
    • Foam heart stickers
    • Some lovey-dovey type of expression in stamp form
    • Stamp pad in color of choice
    • Dollar store prizes/toys -- Wyndham chose mini "love" puzzles
    • Clear, mini goody bags
    • Washable markers
    • Stapler
  • Step One 3 of 7
    Step One

    Create a production line and let them have at it with the stamping! Wyndham got into his own flow and preferred to keep things uniform, keeping all of his, "Be Mine" stamps in the upper left corner, so that his little goody bags wouldn't cover up his greeting. Oh alright, I guided him on that one.

  • Step Two 4 of 7
    Step Two

    Simply slide in each toy/prize into a little baggie. This step is great for a little toddler hands, keeping them busy and in high concentration mode for quite a while! 

  • Step Three 5 of 7
    Step Three

    Assist your little one with stapling each baggy to each foam heart and let them write their name on the back if they're at that stage of development. If not, you know what to do, this probably isn't your first rodeo. If it is... welcome! This kind of stuff can be fun if you let it be.

  • Step Four 6 of 7
    Step Four

    Stickers! Undoubtedly this will be your toddler's favourite part about this little project because stickers. I found them quite perfect to cover up the little stapled area over the baggies. Wyndham concurred.

  • Super Proud 7 of 7
    Super Proud

    My little guy (who's definitely starting to not look so little, we've had a HUGE growth spurt in the past five weeks or so!) was so pleased with himself over making these. We packed them up into a canvas bag to hand out to his classmates tomorrow morning and he's over the moon over the whole thing. Not too shabby for that horrible ol' Valentine's Day. 


Edited to add: If you’d like to see what Wyndham and I made for his teachers, check out the dark chocolate and banana “truffles” we got into this morning and head this way.  They are naturally sweetened and only took 10 minutes to make with Wyndham as my pastry chef side-kick.

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