Toddler & Parent Built: 22 Of The Most Amazing Forts & Play Tents

Remember all of those awesome forts you used to build as a young child?

Open-ended play is making a big comeback, despite all of the awesome technological gadgetry out there to keep little hands and minds captivated. Which I’m all for…just not all the time.

Fort building is a mandatory passage in childhood, and it begins with us! Be inspired by the incredible selection of DIY fort ideas, purchasable kits, and sheet and cardboard creations.

Light the way for your little ones and pretty soon they’ll be building their own pillow-sheet-fort masterpieces!

Just like some of the ones made by the toddlers that I’ve found here…

  • Milk Jug Igloo 1 of 22
    Milk Jug Igloo
    Sure, unless you've been saving milk jugs for a while now you wont't get to making this for another year or so. Still, it's impressive!
    Spotted on Apartment Therapy
  • Pillow & Sheet Fort 2 of 22
    Pillow & Sheet Fort
    Sure, a parent probably assisted with this, depending on the age of the tot.
    As seen on Built By Kids
  • ‘Crazy Fort’ 3 of 22
    'Crazy Fort'
    Now this is the perfect set-up for a young toddler to finish doing on their own by simply throwing sheets and blankets over top of it. Older toddlers will have a blast connecting all the sticks and connectors into a multitude of play structures.
    Get it from Amazon
  • Closet, Sheet & Pillow Awesomeness 4 of 22
    Closet, Sheet & Pillow Awesomeness
    We have a closet under the stairs on our lower level that would be perfect for this. In fact, all of these forts have sparked a birthday party theme idea. Forts everywhere. A sheet and pillow one, a cardboard one, one under the dining room table...lots of twinkle lights. Did I mention it's my boy's birthday on Friday? And that I said I wan't going to do a theme or anything ornate? Clearly I have no willpower when it comes to these things!
    As seen on Built By Kids
  • Sweet Outdoor Set-Up 5 of 22
    Sweet Outdoor Set-Up
    Ah, this has me wishing for summer already.
    As seen on Zilverblauw
  • Massive Cardboard Fort 6 of 22
    Massive Cardboard Fort
    Unfortunately, it looks as though no small children are having any fun here. Not one bit.
    As seen on Built By Kids
  • Table Fort 7 of 22
    Table Fort
    Simple set-up for quick, every-day fun!
    As seen right here on Toddler Times!
  • Cage or Fort? 8 of 22
    Cage or Fort?
    Who cares? They love it.
    As seen on Built By Kids
  • Easy Fort DIY 9 of 22
    Easy Fort DIY
    I love that this one is simple enough to do with your little one.
    Learn more on Art Bar
  • The Real Deal 10 of 22
    The Real Deal
    100% built by toddlers.
    Spotted on Built By Kids
  • Toddler Take-over 11 of 22
    Toddler Take-over
    Give your kids creative control after you've taught them the basics!
    Learn more on Real Simple
  • 6.1 x 3.6 meters of Cardboard Fort! 12 of 22
    6.1 x 3.6 meters of Cardboard Fort!
    Pretty impressive, obviously built by the parents with some help of the older kids.
    Spotted on Thingamababy
  • Cardboard & Neon Duct Tape 13 of 22
    Cardboard & Neon Duct Tape
    Who knew a cardboard fort could be so pretty?!
    Learn more on Studio DIY
  • Corner Unit 14 of 22
    Corner Unit
    A bright and cheerful day-time set-up.
    Spotted on Real Simple
  • Newspaper Fort 15 of 22
    Newspaper Fort
    This life-size building block is brilliant!
    Get the instructions over on Modern Parents, Messy Kids
  • Cardboard House 16 of 22
    Cardboard House
    The winters are long, cold and snow-packed where I live. I have a feeling we'll be seeing quite a few of these this year.
    Get more ideas like this one over on Thrifty & Green
  • The Perfect Hideaway 17 of 22
    The Perfect Hideaway
    So darling. There's magic a-foot in here, I'm sure of it.
    As seen on Apartment Therapy
  • Connectables Fort Building 18 of 22
    Connectables Fort Building
    Clearly having started at adult height, but the rest is all little girl.
    Check out the full Connectables review on Thingamababy
  • Kid Zone 19 of 22
    Kid Zone
    This right here is childhood at it finest and purest form of free form and imaginative play.
    Spotted on Scholastic
  • Cardboard Castle 20 of 22
    Cardboard Castle
    More with the pretty tape. This one was built by the little girls in the picture.
    Learn more over on Apartment Therapy
  • DIY Cardboard Castle 21 of 22
    DIY Cardboard Castle
    The perfect play structure for a princess party or anytime!
    Get the instructions over on The Busy Budgeting Mama
  • Never Too Old 22 of 22
    Never Too Old
    Some never grow out of building forts. Which can be problematic, no matter how cute they (still) are.
    Spotten on Iobad


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