And Suddenly He Has Patience!

toddler patienceI love our 28-month-old Izaiah. From the moment that he was born, he has been going non-stop. Whether it was crying, crawling, walking, running, eating or sleeping — he has done it all with full force and never taking time to stop for fresh air. We always use to say, he plays hard, eats a lot and sleeps a ton. That’s all changed over the last month.

The toddler who never stopped, suddenly has patience.

The last month, while his sleep schedule is an entirely different post, his playing has now slowed down. For the first time in his short little life, he is stopping and enjoying things.

He actually sat through me reading him an entire book. He suddenly is watching TV, something that while I won’t let him do all the time, but before he had NO interest. Tonight, he sat quietly at the dinner table, not screaming and demanding food. And my favorite new thing? HE SNUGGLES! The boy never has cuddled in his life. We attempted co-sleeping, but from a very young age he refused to have anyone near him!

OH TODDLER PATIENCE, how I LOVE THEE! Please don’t go anywhere! 

This is a welcome change and I’m doing a little happy dance every time I ask “Where’s Izaiah?” and the older kids point to him doing something normal (and not wrecking the house, or running away like his old normal).

When Did Your Toddler Show Signs of Patience?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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