Toddler Products I Would Lose My Sanity Without!

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Parenting toddlers has its good days and bad days. They are like these mini bipolar adults in midget form, and some days you need those products you read about in magazines or see advertised on television.

Since my oldest son took off into toddlerhood, there are a ton of products I could not get through my days without using.

Sippy cups, toys, snacks, clothes… anything really…

Below the slideshow are links to all of the products listed!

What are the products you could never live without as a mom?

  • Playtex Sippy Cups 1 of 10
    Playtex Sippy Cups
    Playtex sippy cups are my first love as far as sippy cups! They don't leak and they can be tossed around good.
  • Cardboard Books 2 of 10
    Cardboard Books
    Cardboard books are a life saver. They can't rip them, and it helps build a good love for books!
  • Carters Clothing 3 of 10
    Carters Clothing
    Cheap, and well made. I love Carter's clothing, they are adorable, and the stores ALWAYS have awesome sales!
  • Kandoo Products 4 of 10
    Kandoo Products
    All of the Kandoo products ROCK! Hand soap, wipes... everything!
  • Light Up Sneekers 5 of 10
    Light Up Sneekers
    Light up sneakers... Lets face it, if they made them for adults we would all wear them too!
  • DVR Box/Service 6 of 10
    DVR Box/Service
    A DVR box is a MUST HAVE! Recording TV and favorite shows has become my entire purpose in life.
  • All Things Disney 7 of 10
    All Things Disney
    Everything Disney. Movies, toys, cartoons, you just can't miss with Disney... seriously!
  • Cozy Coupe 8 of 10
    Cozy Coupe
    What toddler doesn't love driving? We got a hand me down cozy coupe and the boys actually fight over it.
  • Play House 9 of 10
    Play House
    Girls, boys... anyone... and everyone loves a play house. It is great for all seasons, even in the winter when they go out to play in the snow!
  • Plastic Dishes 10 of 10
    Plastic Dishes
    Ikea is my obsession in life and I found these cheap plastic dishes recently. We use them for the boys daily now and I couldn't live without them now.


Playtex Cups
Light Up Shoes
Cozy Coupe
Play House
Ikea Dishes

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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