Toddler Prom: It’s a Real Thing

SchuheOur daycare/preschool does some really cool things for the kids. Oreo the rabbit for Spring pictures, anyone?

Parents bring in treats for birthdays and they do regular “Show and Tell” with a theme. They have weekly yoga class and Spanish class. Today they’re having a “pot luck” for the preschool classes so the parents all signed up to bring store-bought lunch stuff and the kids are getting to have a different kind of lunch. It’s nice because even though it’s a private school, they’re not doing anything Easter oriented. No egg hunts or real parties (although I’m not complaining because we just got through Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up).

But I did blink twice at the email that came through last week, stating that my son’s class would be having a “formal dance” the first week in April.

I’m sorry. WHAT?!

What in the devil’s name is a formal dance for three-year-olds? I can’t exactly picture them waltzing. And I really can’t imagine wrestling my kid into nice clothes for that day. It’s hard enough to get a tshirt on him without using ten different curse words and now they’re expecting a bow tie?

And exactly what is the purpose?¬†All I can see is my kid trying to breakdance in the middle of the floor after he’s discarded the bowtie and button-down shirt.

This activity officially gets a side-eye from me.


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