23 Tired Toddlers Sleeping in Strange Places


Oh a sleeping toddler, how sweet it is…. Can I get an AMEN?

While I typically try to keep our toddlers on a schedule with at least 1 (typically 2) naps a day – sometimes schedules don’t allow that. Their little bodies collapse and fall asleep – regardless of where they are, similar to how I was when pregnant (I’d fall asleep wherever -yes, even once under my work desk).

Some kids fall asleep crazy style. While I personally don’t know anyone with narcolepsy – these children appear to have a case of it – falling asleep whenever, where ever. We’re talking while eating, on tvs, while playing – strange.

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  • NOSEDIVE! 1 of 23
    Practicing his nose dive and fell asleep.
    Image source: Naps Happen
  • On a Bookshelf 2 of 23
    Sleeping standing up? Check.
    Image source: Little White Lion
  • Cuddling with Kitty 3 of 23
    Can I get a collective "AWWW!"
    Image source: Little White Lion
  • Potty Nap 4 of 23
    No poop until naptime is over.
    Image source: MyHumors99.com
  • On a TV 5 of 23
    How does one fall asleep on top of a TV? TODDLERS!
    Image source: Little White Lion
  • Double Quiet Time for Mommy 6 of 23
    Two toddlers napping = twice as cute.
    Image source: Little White Lion
  • Spooning with the Pup 7 of 23
    Best friends forever.
    Image source: Little White Lion
  • Boating is Tiring 8 of 23
    Knocked out!
    Image source: MyHumors99.com
  • Bedtime Story at the Grocery Store 9 of 23
    Bubba read me to sleep.
    Image source: flickr.com
  • Can’t Make It Up The Stairs 10 of 23
    Bedroom too far? Note to self, next house buy with bedroom downstairs.
    Image source: ChinaSmack.com
  • Future Gymnist 11 of 23
    Practices her splits while sleeping.
    Image source: TeensCraze.com
  • Yoga Pose 12 of 23
    Future yogi!
    Image source: TeensCraze.com
  • Now Hold This Position – WAIT! Don’t Fall Asleep! 13 of 23
    Being cute is tiring.
    Image source: TeensCraze.com
  • Old Mother Hubbard 14 of 23
    How did someone live in a shoe? Sleeping in one is hard enough!
    Image source: TeensCraze.com
  • Make Shift Bed 15 of 23
    Well if you won't buy me a bunk bed, I'll make my own bunk shelf!
    Image source: Mommy's Lounge
  • After Eating Bowls Full of Jelly… 16 of 23
    ...this little girl went into carb overload and passed out.
    Image source: Mommy's Lounge
  • One of These Objects Do Not Belong 17 of 23
    She just wanted to be like her toys.
    Image source: Baby Center
  • Escape Plan Failed 18 of 23
    While trying to escape the dreaded bouncy chair, baby fell asleep leading to his capture.
    Image source: Baby Center
  • Spaghetti and Peas Please 19 of 23
    After her marathon eating competition, a nap was in order.
    Image source: Baby Center
  • A Special Bed of Their Own 20 of 23
    Sleeping in a laundry basket with dolly, oh to be 2!
    Image source: Baby Center
  • Waiting for Santa Claus 21 of 23
    "I hope I made the good list!"
    Image source: Baby Center
  • Beds are Overrated 22 of 23
    The floor is where it's at!
    Image source: Naps Happen
  • Under a Laundry Bin 23 of 23
    This is one way of getting out of helping with laundry.
    Image source: Naps Happen

Where’s the Strangest Place Your Toddlers Fallen Asleep?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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