Toddler Style, Bargain Priced

I adore second hand shopping. There’s the ever evolving challenge and anticipation of “WHAT WILL I FIND TODAY?” and the peace of mind knowing you’re going to get a lot more for your money. There’s a span of time where secondhand shopping isn’t as fantastic, that phase where kids grow slower and are much harder on their clothes, I’d say around 5. But for toddlers? Bring it on. They grow like little weeds and the allure of cute toddler clothing hasn’t worn off meaning a lot of cute stuff is bought but they can only wear so much before they grow out of it.

I was totally guilty of overbuying with my first, for some reason I was convinced that secondhand wasn’t as good as new. WRONG. Secondhand is sometimes better than brand new because you can already see how most things will wash and wear and there’s a thrill that comes with paying as much as 70% off full price retail. (There’s also the whole reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose thing which makes the planet much happier.)

Truth? I like nice clothes for my kids. I wouldn’t say I have ridiculously expensive taste, but I do believe in many cases you pay for quality (which is why we wear leather shoes a majority of the time. Renewable resource, lasts forever, can be passed on to the next generation.)

So what did I find this round of secondhand shopping? Let’s just say that for $45 I got 7 things including a pair of leather shoes that would be at least $35 brand new. YAY!


  • Columbia Coat 1 of 5
    Columbia Coat
    This is the kind of winter coat a kid in Indiana dreams of. Super warm, super puffy, a sweet hood and well made.
    Secondhand price? $15
  • Comfy Clothes 2 of 5
    Comfy Clothes
    Monster footie jammies. $3
    Brand new Gap sweatpants $5
  • Holiday Dress 3 of 5
    Holiday Dress
    The Children's Place - Brand new, never worn or washed. $6
  • Pants! 4 of 5
    Greenish/Yellow fine wale skinny cords $4
    Velvet chinos $4 (Both have either never been worn, or only worn a few times.)
  • Real Shoes! 5 of 5
    Real Shoes!
    She needed shoes with real waterproof bottoms, these ones were like new from Stride Rite $8

These are pretty common prices and findings, assuming you know what you’re looking for, patience to search, and an open mind headed into your favorite thrift/secondhand store.

Are you hip to secondhand? What’s been your best find? I’d have to say my best was a pair of brand new Pedipeds for $3. THREE DOLLARS!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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