Toddler Tooth-Brushing 101

The tooth-brushing battle in our house has been a big one. Not an uncommon thing from what I’ve gathered from other mamas.

The wrestling match that I speak of however, comes solely from my son Wyndham, who despised every last second of tooth-brushing time.

He’s gotten more accustomed to this ancient form of torture, due partially to the fact that we do nothing short of jumping through hoops to make things more enjoyable for him and becasue he has no choice in the matter.

The dude is smart. He knows there is absolutely no negotiation happening with the brushing of the teeth.

His sister Abby on the other hand, adores brushing her teeth. Girl literally jumps up and down and does what we’ve started to call the tooth-brush boogie in anticipation of said oral hygiene time. The only problem we have with her is taking the toothbrush away. The exact complete opposite of her brother. She melts down at having to stop, he melts down (but getting better) at the mere mention of it.

So, as Abby would no doubt consider herself the international spokes-person on Toothbrushing For Toddlers…I’ll let her bend your ear a bit with some expert tips ‘n’ tricks…

  • 1. Hook Us Up With Right Gear, K? 1 of 7
    1. Hook Us Up With Right Gear, K?
    I personally, love my pink and white toothbrush with it's wide, no-slip grip handle. I don't care much for any fancy bells and whistles, but my brother? He eats that stuff up. So character toothbrushes, one's that make music, these are a couple of things that my brother really likes. Oh and make sure to buy us small-headed toothbrushes with soft, nylon bristles that we can easily maneuver around in our mouths! It also wouldn't hurt to pick up a couple of fun books about tooth-brushing.
  • 2. Stop Bossin’ Us 2 of 7
    2. Stop Bossin' Us
    Maybe we won't do it as perfectly as you want. Which is important, especially around Halloween - I get it (you don't have to tell me! I love this stuff!) But I guarantee, if you let us play around with it, we'll get better and better at it. We love it when you give us some control.
  • 3. Sing us a Song, Would Ya? 3 of 7
    3. Sing us a Song, Would Ya?
    I mean, it wouldn't kill you right? My dad sings some pretty cute and silly songs about tooth-brushing. I like brother LOVES it.
  • 4. None of This Would Be as Much Fun Without a Stool 4 of 7
    4. None of This Would Be as Much Fun Without a Stool
    I can see myself in the mirror and everything. And reach the sink. Water play rocks for us little ones, FYI.
  • 5. Do It With Us! 5 of 7
    5. Do It With Us!
    In case you havent noticed, we like to do everything that you are doing, so.
  • 6. Praise 6 of 7
    6. Praise
    Stickers, we like stickers. We also like treats, which kind of defeats the purpose so stay away from those. High fives, hugs and exaggerated jubilee usually does the trick.
  • 7. Take Us to the Dentist! 7 of 7
    7. Take Us to the Dentist!
    We love going on field-trips. Dentists have all sorts of cool stuff in their offices that we want to see and learn about. They usually give out free games and little toys about tooth-brushing too. We like that part a lot.


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