When Dad's in Charge: Toddler Tossing (VIDEO)

My friend sent me the video below because he thought it was awesome.

Awesome? But don’t you think it’s totally dangerous? Can’t that child get seriously hurt?

Uh-oh. Did I just turn into my mother over the course of 36 seconds?

My friend says he’s thrown his kid pretty far onto couch cushions and he thinks the angle of the camera makes the toddler tossing in question appear much more extreme than it probably was in reality.

Did I mention we are talking about “toddler tossing”? As in “tossing toddlers”? Yes, it’s a new way to entertain your children, haven’t you heard?

In all honesty, I bet my two-year-old would LOVE being tossed across a room into a giant beanbag, but the mother in me can’t stop looking at the corner of the wall right behind the bean bag and have nightmares about that poor kid landing wrong and breaking his neck.

It’s all fun and games until dad misses his target, right?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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