Toddler Tragically Dies In Washing Machine Accident

Now that I’m a parent, every time I hear a horrible story of a child dying, my heart hurts just a little bit more than it did before. When I hear of a tragedy such as a toddler drowning in a washing machine, not only do I feel extreme sadness, but I have a little bit of panic inside that something like this could just as easily happen to me.

We don’t have a laundry room in our house. Our washer and dryer are stacked in a closet in the bedroom hallway. They are front-loading, with the washer on the bottom. My little Fuzz has a sweet spot for playing with the buttons and I have to constantly remove him while I’m trying to load and unload both machines.

The idea that he could climb inside and get locked in is terrifying, let alone having the thing turn on and drown him. One would hope that I would never be far enough away to let such a thing happen. I also think my washer might have a child lock feature which I’m going to start using…yesterday.

Reading the comments on this story, I found that there was a mix of sadness and sympathy for the mother and skepticism that something like this could happen when a mother wasn’t looking for “just” a second. While part of me wants to agree with those comments, I also know how fast a toddler can move.

Regardless, I know this story has made me more alert to a hazard about which I hadn’t really thought. How about you?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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