Toddler vs. Apple: The Poor Apple Never Had a Chance (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Red delicious (the apple and the toddler)

A funny thing happened not so long ago: Peony, 17 months, decided that whole apples are much better than ones that are cut up and peeled. She’s always loved apples and enjoyed sitting in her booster seat with a slice or three on her plate. But then she noticed her older sister walking around with a whole piece of fruit and it was all over.

Now she’ll run over to the refrigerator a few times a day, bang on it and cry “appa” — and the whining won’t cease until she’s clutching a big red one in her tiny palms. The apples are generally bigger than her head, never mind her mouth, but that doesn’t seem to stop her.

This morning she had her way with what must have been a particularly good apple. The poor fruit never stood a chance. Take a look:

  • Apple-d-licious 1 of 15
    Chew on that.
  • It’s Hard Work 2 of 15
    It's Hard Work
    But someone has to do it.
  • The Little Toddler That Could 3 of 15
    The Little Toddler That Could
    I think I can, I think I can.
  • All Work and No Play? 4 of 15
    All Work and No Play?
    No way.
  • A Renaissance Toddler 5 of 15
    A Renaissance Toddler
    Standing on a chair with an apple: The precursor to walking and chewing gum.
  • Change of Scenery 6 of 15
    Change of Scenery
    Have apple will travel.
  • Whoops! 7 of 15
    That apple weighs a lot.
  • Break Time 8 of 15
    Break Time
  • Deep Apple Thoughts 9 of 15
    Deep Apple Thoughts
    A close relative of Deep Thoughts.
  • Bigger Than Her Head 10 of 15
    Bigger Than Her Head
    But that doesn't stop her.
  • What? 11 of 15
    I'm eating an apple.
    Is this the first time you've ever seen someone do this?
  • Observing Her Handywork 12 of 15
    Observing Her Handywork
    A pat on the back for a job well done.
  • A Thing of Beauty 13 of 15
    A Thing of Beauty
    The apple and the little girl.
  • You Lookin’ at Me? 14 of 15
    You Lookin' at Me?
    Or the apple? Because you can't have the apple.
  • It’s All Mine 15 of 15
    It's All Mine
    Mine. Mine. Mine.
    Insert evil laugh here.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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