Toddlers and Biting: Breakdown on the Skin Breaking

toddler biting and how you stop itAbout a week ago, some girlfriends and I were chatting about biting in daycare/preschool/toddler activities.

Because let’s face it – it happens and it sucks. It sucks to be parent of the kid that gets bit and it sucks to be the parent of the biter. It makes you feel ragey and helpless and frustrated on both ends and gosh darn it, it’s not like you bite your kid at home! (Right? gosh, I hope you don’t.) So where did your child learn this nasty habit?  But remember – biting is awful, but it is also 100% normal.  It happens in daycare, but it also happens on the playground, in ballet class, and between siblings.  So stock up on Dora bandaids.

Here are the ins and outs of toddler biting, from why they do it to what you can do and why to not be a jerk-face about it:

Have you had experience with a biter? What did you do?

Much of this advice comes from my pediatrician, so make sure to talk to your doctor!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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