Toddlers And Their Dogs: 25 Adorable Friendships

This is our pup, Tucker. Our toddler wore her out.


We love our ol’ girl, Tucker.  She’s half German-Shepherd, half Collie and a total sassy-pants.  My husband and I rescued her over five years ago when she was a puppy with floppy ears and she quickly became our “first baby.”  We took her everywhere (even vacation!) and attended training classes and made homemade treats.  When I became pregnant with our son, we followed all the “expert advice” on preparing Tuck for the new addition and while there has been some jealousy, she has adapted beautifully.

It’s wonderful having a pup – she and Harrison chase each other in the backyard and she patiently puts up with his death-grip hugs while we remind him that tails and ears are not for pulling and NO, HARRISON! DO NOT POKE HER IN THE EYE!  NO, TUCKER!  DO NOT KNOCK HIM OVER!

But there is nothing better than watching their relationship blossom and we are so thankful to have our four-legged friend.

I asked folks on my Facebook page to send in pictures of their tots and dogs and oh my! the cute!  Check out these best friends:

  • Going for a walk 1 of 25
    Going for a walk
    On a long dirt road with just a pup by his side.
  • Beating the heat 2 of 25
    Beating the heat
    Addison and her dog take a swim.
  • Kiss! 3 of 25
    Addison receives a smooch from her other pup.
  • Anna with Jasper and Lola 4 of 25
    Anna with Jasper and Lola
    Hanging out in the backyard.
  • Aubrina and Camila with Bella 5 of 25
    Aubrina and Camila with Bella
    Snow day! I wonder if they made a snowman and a snowdog?
  • Austen and Izzy 6 of 25
    Austen and Izzy
    Nothing better than a fall day with leaves and a faithful dog.
  • Going for a ride. 7 of 25
    Going for a ride.
    This dog's name is Biscuit, which means this picture just exploded even more awesome. And Emmett behind the wheel? Darling!
  • Snuggle puppy, you’re the one. 8 of 25
    Snuggle puppy, you're the one.
    Cody and his dogs down for the count.
  • Colton and Gunner 9 of 25
    Colton and Gunner
    I love that Gunner doesn't mind an ear-pull. That's a good dog!
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. 10 of 25
    It's 5 o'clock somewhere.
    Happy hour on the back porch?
  • Even pups need a bath! 11 of 25
    Even pups need a bath!
    When this old boy hopped in the tub with his toddler, it was bath time for all!
  • Peering out. 12 of 25
    Peering out.
    Eden and her dog, Bukowski, checking out the neighborhood.
  • Giddy-yap! 13 of 25
    Everly and P-bear, doing their thing.
  • Perfectly Posed 14 of 25
    Perfectly Posed
    Okay, so how did she get Noel to sit so well with Frankie and Ava?
  • Boating Buddies 15 of 25
    Boating Buddies
    Nothing but the wind in their hair and the sea in front!
  • Peas in a Pod 16 of 25
    Peas in a Pod
    Gavin and Logan are best buds.
  • Well, that’s just adorable. 17 of 25
    Well, that's just adorable.
    What a good dog!
  • Yes, that is a toddler walking a puppy. 18 of 25
    Yes, that is a toddler walking a puppy.
    Have you recovered from the cute-attack? Hunter takes his new gal, Lucy, out for a stroll.
  • Pugalicious definition make them toddlers crazy. 19 of 25
    Pugalicious definition make them toddlers crazy.
    I wouldn't try to get past this pup to his toddler. He looks pretty serious.
  • That’s a loud noise! 20 of 25
    That's a loud noise!
    This sweet toddler covers her pooch's ears during a loud parade.
  • Undercover buddies. 21 of 25
    Undercover buddies.
    Hiding out under the kitchen table.
  • Going for a walk! 22 of 25
    Going for a walk!
    Isa takes her Lucy out for a stroll around the block.
  • Sloppy kisses are the best. 23 of 25
    Sloppy kisses are the best.
    Isaac gets a smooch from his dog, Molly.
  • Let me tell you about my best friend. 24 of 25
    Let me tell you about my best friend.
    Jax and Rooney share a bro hug.
  • Sweetness all around. 25 of 25
    Sweetness all around.
    Kate and her little Izzy.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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