Toddlers And Their Pups: 25 More Heart-Warming And Swoon-worthy Friendships

Yep, that’s our toddler astride our German Shepherd/Collie mix named Tucker.  It’s a pretty common site although these days we’re doing a lot more reminding to be “gentle” with petting and snuggles and please, Harrison, ease up on the ear-pulling.  Tuck is beautifully patient with him and although she really gets on my nerves sometimes for being so exuberant, she is a wonderful part of our family.

I asked folks on my Facebook page to please send in photos of their toddlers and pups and man, they did not disappoint!  Turns out these pups are members of their families, just like Tuck, and we’re all proud to show off our tots and pups.

The first 25 cute photos showed Biscuit taking a ride on a toddler-sized John Deer and the always adorable Hunter of Doyles Days taking his new pup, Lucy, on a stroll. Now there’s even more cute kiddos and their four-legged friends!

  • Katie and Tootsie 1 of 25
    Katie and Tootsie
    I just love a mini doxie!
  • Is the dog walking the toddler or is the toddler walking the dog? 2 of 25
    Is the dog walking the toddler or is the toddler walking the dog?
    Either way, it's cute!
  • Keagan and Beans 3 of 25
    Keagan and Beans
    Road trippin' it.
  • Lillian and Mattingly 4 of 25
    Lillian and Mattingly
    I have the pleasure of knowing both of these cuties personally and yes, they are this darling in person!
  • Lincoln and Evy 5 of 25
    Lincoln and Evy
    oh, sweet young love of toddlers and puppies!
  • Lucas giving Sophie a treat. 6 of 25
    Lucas giving Sophie a treat.
    The only thing that could compete with a cute toddler? A fluffy white pup.
  • Napping buddies. 7 of 25
    Napping buddies.
    So sweet that I almost have a cavity.
  • Noah and Sasha. 8 of 25
    Noah and Sasha.
    It starts at an early age for the human.
  • Noah and Ruf. 9 of 25
    Noah and Ruf.
    They switched beds. HAHAHAHA!!
  • Who needs stuffed animals when you have a real one? 10 of 25
    Who needs stuffed animals when you have a real one?
    Sweet dreams, toddler and pug!
  • More snoozing pals. 11 of 25
    More snoozing pals.
    Try to get past this pup to his toddler. I DARE YOU.
  • Snuggles. 12 of 25
    Just check out that smile!
  • It takes a patient pup to put up with toddler hugs. 13 of 25
    It takes a patient pup to put up with toddler hugs.
    This is a good, patient pup!
  • Baby and dog yoga. 14 of 25
    Baby and dog yoga.
    It's the new hot yoga.
  • Hanging out in nature. 15 of 25
    Hanging out in nature.
    Or the backyard. Same thing.
  • More baby and dog yoga. 16 of 25
    More baby and dog yoga.
    This time on the stairs. (also? how cool is it that this gal is in truck jammies?)
  • Quinn and Bailey. 17 of 25
    Quinn and Bailey.
  • Raz and Erik. 18 of 25
    Raz and Erik.
    Yep, that's a Mastiff. He's gorgeous and a ball of love and bigger than the toddler!
  • Reagan and Dude. 19 of 25
    Reagan and Dude.
    HIS NAME IS DUDE. My life is complete.
  • Ryann taking a swim with her pup. 20 of 25
    Ryann taking a swim with her pup.
    Beating the summer heat!
  • Sunny and Jaden. 21 of 25
    Sunny and Jaden.
    Hello, fluffy dog!
  • Tristan and Troy 22 of 25
    Tristan and Troy
    Rolling with my homies.
  • Viggo and Zoe 23 of 25
    Viggo and Zoe
    They're pretty much BFF's although Zoe has some new competition with her little bro 😉
  • Whit and Hampton. 24 of 25
    Whit and Hampton.
    Waiting on the mailman, perhaps?
  • Will and Jack. 25 of 25
    Will and Jack.
    More doxie love!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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