Toddlers Are Great at Hiding Stuff…and Finding Stuff

old baseball cap
My husband's hideous hat

When was the last time you couldn’t find something, only to realize your toddler had hidden it somewhere completely absurd?

Oh, was that this morning? Yeah, me too.

Well, as it turns out, my toddler is also awesome at finding things. It used to be that we’d futilely asked him to tell us where he hid something:

“Where’s Daddy’s phone?”


He’d point to the ceiling.



He’d vaguely point to the piano, and so on…

However it seems that he’s not only getting better at speaking, but also better at locating things, even things I never meant for anyone to find.

See this ridiculous hat? This godforsaken, torn up, holey, stained, poor excuse for a hat? This is the hat my husband wears almost every single day and will not, even after several polite and then less polite pleas, throw in the garbage.

So, as a good wife, I decided it was finally time for me to intervene.

Look, I let it go for a long time before I started complaining about it. I even let others complain about it first. But, I’d finally had it. This hat needed to go.

I decided I first needed to hide it and let him forget about it and get used to his second favorite hat, then eventually I’d toss it. So I stuffed it in a drawer that he would never think to open, ever.

Guess who opened it?

“Daddy’s hat! Daddy’s hat!”


Don’t worry, I hid it again. So far my plan is working, mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Have you ever hid something only to have your toddler find it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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