Toddlers Do the Grossest Things: 7 Disgusting Toddler Habits

Who knows where those dogs tongues have been?!

It’s true of all of us mothers. The moment I became a mom, I was initiated into an elite group of people who deal with some of the grossest stuff in the world. Being a mom could definitely have its own episode on Dirty Jobs.

I remember when my daughter was about six months old and I was changing her diaper on my lap in the front seat of our car. (Don’t ask me why — okay, we were in downtown Chicago and there was really no other option. Really.)

When I lifted her legs to slide the clean diaper under her bum, you guessed it — projectile baby poop — right into my face! Seriously, so disgusting. But, as a mom, you deal with it, clean up, and move on.

Somehow though, as babies grow into toddlers, things advance to an even more disgusting level because they do gross things willingly, even intentionally, to themselves.

I’m pretty sure the projectile pooping, though very gross, was unintentional.  My son’s fascination with his own poop, well that’s another story.

Here are seven of the most disgusting habits of our favorite little people.

  • Backwashing — And Then Drinking It 1 of 7
    Backwashing — And Then Drinking It
    Why do kids always take a drink with a huge bite of food in their mouth? I swear half of my son's dinner ends up in his cup sometimes, and he still continues to drink out of it. So gross! And even worse when he wants to drink out of my glass!
  • Peeing in the Bathtub 2 of 7
    Peeing in the Bathtub
    We always make our kids go to the bathroom before climbing into the tub, but somehow, at least one of them inevitably looks at us sheepishly a few minutes later, "I'm peeing." Then the real dilemma becomes - to drain or not to drain?
  • Sucking Their Thumb or Finger 3 of 7
    Sucking Their Thumb or Finger
    It's a cute and sweet habit when they are babies and don't touch much with their hands, but as they get older, it gets grosser and grosser - where has that thumb been? I don't even want to think about the germs on my kids fingers that then get transferred to their mouths. Yuck!
  • Letting Dogs Lick Them, and Their Food 4 of 7
    Letting Dogs Lick Them, and Their Food
    And speaking of not knowing where something has been, how about a dog's tongue? But little kids love to let dogs lick them, especially on the mouth. And it's always awesome when your kid lets a dog lick or eat part of his food, and then continues to eat the rest of it himself.
  • Eating With Their Hands 5 of 7
    Eating With Their Hands
    Both of my kids know how to use utensils appropriately, but they rarely use them for an entire meal. The best is when they eat foods like soup, or yogurt, with their hands. Then they "paint" the table with it, before using their clothes, or even hair, as a napkin.
  • An Obsession With Tongues 6 of 7
    An Obsession With Tongues
    Toddlers are obsessed with their tongues, they love to lick anything and everything. They're also obsessed with other people's tongues. "Get your hand out of my mouth!" is a regular expression at our house. And just the other day my daughter and her friend asked if they could "touch tongues". Gross! And, No!
  • A Fascination With Their Poop 7 of 7
    A Fascination With Their Poop
    I guess it's good that they are learning about their bodily functions, but seriously, it is so gross. No, don't take off your diaper when there is poop in it to show me. Don't try to wipe yourself after you actually get some poop into the potty! And definitely don't stick your fingers in your poop and wipe it on the wall! Please, just leave your poop alone!

What is your toddler’s grossest habit?

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