Toddlers Eat Gross Sh*t!

Boogers anyone?

At first I thought it was only little boys that were extremely gross creatures. And then I started blogging and realized there are all kinds of icky toddlers out there who just don’t belong to me.

All ages, colors, genders…

It was kind of a relief… but I totally feel bad for all the other parents out there who have really gross kids too. I mean there is nothing worse than having a friend, family member, or even a stranger witness them pick up something incredibly disgusting and shove it in their mouth and swallow before you have the chance to pry it out of their bear trap type jaw while fighting back your urge to vomit. 

You know you have been there… we all have!

I asked the readers to submit the grossest thing their kids have eaten and while some were pretty icky… some of them put me totally over the edge. I am wondering how I held back my gag reflex long enough to actually write this.

Oh the joys that come with motherhood right?

I thought the fact that my oldest son used to hide under the table in restaurants and try to eat the nasty gum under the table was bad. But he has nothing on some of the other kids my readers have.

Prepare yourself!

Oh and if you think you can top any of these be sure to leave a comment with the grossest thing your toddler has decided was a delicacy.

  • Cold/Old Pizza 1 of 13
    Cold/Old Pizza
    I guess when I was younger I used to like this a ton, but now that I am older I think day old or cold pizza is completely disgusting!
    But my toddler seems to think it is the best thing ever.
    You would think someone handed him a slice of pie or something!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Dog Treats 2 of 13
    Dog Treats
    I know it sounds gross but maybe toddlers just think they are cookies?
    Submitted by: Sarah P.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Play Doh 3 of 13
    Play Doh
    Play Doh! YUM!
    Thank god it is non-toxic because who knows what would happen to my toddler who loves snacking on it.
    Nothing better than seeing him with a neon pink smile!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Toothpaste 4 of 13
    If I didn't hide the toothpaste in our house, the tubes would be GONE!
    My two year old would eat it all!
    Our toothpaste and the kids toothpaste. Gross!
    At least it leaves him smelling minty fresh?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Boogers! 5 of 13
    My kids are just as guilty as some of my readers who chimed in because we got a couple moms who said BOOGERS!
    Actually one day last week while my husband was driving he caught our toddler ALMOST eat one -- when he told him not to, he then wiped it on his brother.
    Because that is better right? Submitted by : Jen H.
  • Variations of Mac N Cheese 6 of 13
    Variations of Mac N Cheese
    Mac n Cheese with Ketchup.
    Mac n Cheese with cereal.
    Mac n Cheese with fruit snacks.
    GROSS! Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Dirt 7 of 13
    God made dirt and dirt don't hurt right?
    There was a couple submissions of dirt and/or sand when I asked readers about this one!
    Submitted by: Darci C.
  • Hairy Food 8 of 13
    Hairy Food
    Whether it is human hair, pet hair, or just unidentified hair... they have no problem picking up a piece of something covered in hair nastiness and going to town before you can fly across the room to take it away.
    Submitted by Jo
    Photo Credit: Morguefile
  • Gum from Under the Table 9 of 13
    Gum from Under the Table
    You know what I am talking about too!
    Rogue gum from some strange teenager who didn't have enough common sense to put it in a garbage can.
    I cringed the first time my toddler did this... I still shutter just thinking about it!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Yogurt with Cheerios 10 of 13
    Yogurt with Cheerios
    Yogurt with cheerios mixed in... not AS gross as some of the others but far more socially acceptable on the part of the toddler in question!
    Submitted by Leah S. "">Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Soap & Lotion 11 of 13
    Soap & Lotion
    I can't say I have caught my own toddler doing this... yet at least but it was submitted by a reader!
    At least they have a clean mouth?
    Submitted by Laura C.
    "">Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Slugs 12 of 13
    When I read this submission I almost threw up right then and there!
    A SLUG?!?! EW!
    Submitted by Terri A
    "">Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Goldfish 13 of 13
    When I first read this I thought goldfish crackers until the reader actually told me a LIVE goldfish... NOT the cracker.
    I wish I had a picture of my face when I read that!
    I had a total look of HORROR!
    Submitted by Christina S
    "">Photo Credit: Flickr


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