Toddler’s Finger Painting Raises Money For Charity

chicken paintingIt’s one of those bored toddler days, so you give your toddler some finger paint and let her have at it. There is splashes with paint flying everywhere, with a few drops hitting the paper. After a few minutes, the finger paint masterpiece is done! Now to put it on eBay and make some money for charity with it.

I know what you are thinking, what? Those were my thoughts as well when reading this article, Indie is a 15-month old toddler who is from the UK. On a quiet afternoon, she created a finger paint masterpiece of a “Crazy Chicken”.  Her mom decided to put it on eBay to see if she could make a few dollars euros for Reuben’s Retreat, a charity organization. Reuben’s Retreat is raising money to open a retreat for children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. The charity was started after a family lost Reuben Graham, a 23-month old to a rare form of cancer.

There are still 5 days left to bid. To date the bids are up to £41.00, which is around $55.57 here in the US.

Indie’s parents just dropped me a note to say that due to the worldwide interest, they will ship internationally.

More from the eBay auction:

We are selling a piece of art by our child. Here we have a crazy chicken painting. This is a one off print of a crazy chicken that our little girl has decided to sell to raise money for Reuben’s retreat registerd charity.

This charity raises money to provide a facility within the countryside in the north west of England that offers self catering accommodation with recreational activities for family’s who are impacted by their children having life threatening or life limiting illnesses.

To find out more Infomation what the charity has already done then check out this link.

Registered charity number 1150436

please note that our little girl is not included in thus auction lol.

Happy bidding

I love this heart warming story. Just goes that no matter how old you are, you too can donate your time and/or talents.

image source: ebay

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