Toddlers on Instagram: Vivi’s May Edition

My Instagram account is no stranger to Vivi, in fact she’s kind of the main attraction, as are many toddlers on Instagram. Some of her silliest and most ridiculous moments have been forever captured in square format to enjoy both online and in print.

Every two months, I have a hardcover book made using all of my Instagram photos from the previous 60 days. We all look at them regularly and they are probably Vivi’s favorite books to “read” to us.

Now that Vivi is a little older and well aware of what I’m doing with my camera (and not always such a big fan of it) I have become much more stealth in my picture taking, which means I get some pretty unique angles from either holding my phone at my side and shooting blind or holding it on the ground, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I’d say for every 20 photos I take, one ends up being a real keeper. I’m far more accurate with my DSLR, but my phone fits in my pocket much easier.

Now that the weather is warmer, the pictures have really started to pick up, here’s May to prove it:

  • In the greenhouse 1 of 25

    She knew her view was terrible and insisted I carry her through the greenhouse.

  • Ear holds 2 of 25

    It's so she doesn't mess up his hair. (Which, what hair? I know.)

  • Bunnywearing 3 of 25

    Cody may have run a marathon, but I wore a toddler for two miles through crowds like whoa. We all have our strengths.

  • May the Fourth 4 of 25

    I ran with the Star Wars theme on her second birthday because next year she may have an opinion.

  • Future’s so bright 5 of 25
    Future's so bright

    She's gotta wear upside down shades.

  • Downward Vivi 6 of 25

    My favorite thing toddlers do.

  • Sisters 7 of 25

    I call this one, "You're welcome for each other, girls."

    See their story of sisterhood right here!

  • Downtown Vivi Brown 8 of 25

    She's not an urban girl, but she's working on it.

  • Fevered 9 of 25

    The one good thing about Vivi being sick: snuggles.

  • Secret reading 10 of 25

    These two make my heart go boom.

    See their story of sisterhood right here!

  • Busy 11 of 25

    When I asked Addie if she had her homework done, she told me she was busy.
    I let the homework slide.

  • Hippity 12 of 25

    The greatest feat of toddler athleticism, getting all that up in the air with those little legs.

  • Puffle recovery 13 of 25

    A soft beanbag and a warm blanket was exactly what Vivi needed on a day she felt terrible.

  • Grocery store madness 14 of 25

    To be honest I feel the exact same way about grocery shopping.

  • Underdoggie! 15 of 25

    The only other 4 syllable word in her vocabulary is "avocado."

  • The Squat 16 of 25
    the squat

    The only thing better than the toddler downward dog.

  • Controlling rage 17 of 25

    When Vivi has the rage I park her in nature until she chills OUT.

  • Face off. 18 of 25

    "I'm pooping."

  • First waterpark 19 of 25

    Sitting at the edge of each pool was her favorite thing (and only thing she'd willingly participate in).

  • A rare sight 20 of 25

    This is something I haven't witnessed in months. I started to wonder if it was even possible to witness a sleeping Vivi.

  • Vivi Daycare 21 of 25

    Don't tell the board, but Vivi puts the babies to sleep on their tummies.

  • Fear and loathing in a trampoline park 22 of 25

    She hated it, two minutes before our time was up she let me put her down. Oy.

  • Research 23 of 25

    It passed the scrutiny of all three and became our new BBQ.

  • Spoon nose 24 of 25

    She was very proud of herself.

  • Squoosh in indy 25 of 25

    She discovered how much fun her cheeks are.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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