Toddlers Tebowing: Football Just Got a Whole Lot Cuter!

Sure, the Broncos may not be going to the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed down the Tebowing craze that has caught on all over the country. If you avoid all things football and are confused by this whole “Tebowing” business, here’s a rundown:

Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, has brought new meaning to the football phrase “take a knee.” Tebow is known, due to his strong religious beliefs, to kneel down at random times on the field with his fist to his forehead and pray. And now even tots are paying tribute to Tebow’s famous pose!

Read on after the jump to see some adorable toddlers Tebowing all over the world.

  • Tree-bowing 1 of 28
    Is this little girl stumped? No, she's just Tebowing!

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  • Superhero Tebow 2 of 28
    Superhero Tebow
    Tebowing first, then off to save the world.

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  • Vader-bowing 3 of 28
    Even little villains gotta Tebow sometimes.

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  • Oh the Places You’ll Tebow! 4 of 28
    Oh the Places You'll Tebow!
    This pair is Tebowing at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  • Te-bowling 5 of 28
    Come on, strike!

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  • Te-‘How’d You Get Up There?!’-bowing 6 of 28
    Te-'How'd You Get Up There?!'-bowing
    Tebowing from up high.

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  • Tea-bowing 7 of 28
    The teddy bears look on with admiration.

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  • Tebowing at Epcot 8 of 28
    Tebowing at Epcot
    Even the excitement of Disney World can't stop this girl from Tebowing.

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  • Tiny Tebow 9 of 28
    Tiny Tebow
    Can't handle the cuteness!

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  • Tebowing on the Edge 10 of 28
    Tebowing on the Edge
    Do not try this at home, folks.

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  • Ballet-Bowing 11 of 28
    Who says girls can't be football fans?

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  • Representing the Orange and Blue 12 of 28
    Representing the Orange and Blue
    All decked out and ready for some football!

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  • The Thinker? 13 of 28
    The Thinker?
    Nope, it's the Tebow.

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  • Daddy-Daughter Tebowing 14 of 28
    Daddy-Daughter Tebowing
    Just wait 'til Dad shows this one to her first high school boyfriend.

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  • Tebowing From the Womb 15 of 28
    Tebowing From the Womb
    ... and still doing it today!

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  • Like Father, Like Son 16 of 28
    Like Father, Like Son
    A real chip off the ol' Tebowing block.

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  • All I Want For Christmas Is to Tebow 17 of 28
    All I Want For Christmas Is to Tebow
    Sure, the holiday season may be over ... but it's never too late to enjoy some Santa-bowing.

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  • Mommy-Daughter Tebowing 18 of 28
    Mommy-Daughter Tebowing
    So much cooler than doing your nails.
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  • Epic Tebowing 19 of 28
    Epic Tebowing
    Father-son sailor duo Tebowing on a submarine.

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  • Mid-Breakfast Tebowing 20 of 28
    Mid-Breakfast Tebowing
    The pastry can wait.

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  • TV-bowing 21 of 28
    Toddler see, toddler Tebow.

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  • PJ-bowing 22 of 28
    All the cool kids Tebow in a onesie.

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  • T is for Tebowing 23 of 28
    T is for Tebowing
    Tebowing has even made it all the way to China in this first-grade classroom!

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  • Close Enough 24 of 28
    Close Enough
    That's not quite how it goes kid, but it's the thought that counts.

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  • Te-beaching 25 of 28
    Tebowing on the islands of Hawaii.

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  • Tebowing Isn’t Just for American Football 26 of 28
    Tebowing Isn't Just for American Football
    A pint-sized team Tebows after a soccer game in Yucatan, Mexico.

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  • Sleepy-bowing 27 of 28
    A long day of tebowing can really wear you out.

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  • So Pensive 28 of 28
    So Pensive
    Babble reader Roby sent in this cute photo of son, Casey, Tebowing in the kitchen!

    Photo credit: RobyMB/Twitter

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