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There was a time in my life where I really, really didn’t see any need for a smartphone. Just two years ago, I sported a clunky black flip phone that was about two steps up from my change-the-plate Nokia from my high school days. I didn’t have a text plan. I rarely used my cell phone. While I had a blog and a twitter account, I had no idea that they “kept going” long after I signed off. Whoa, baby! how things have changed!

It’s funny – I use my phone and iPad so often for myself and my family affairs that I can barely remember life without them. I think I used an Excel spreadsheet to track our budget and I used good old pen and paper to track my newborn baby’s dirty diapers. If I missed a television show…well, I missed a television show. And all books were read by a trip to the bookstore and a bedside table lamp. These days, it’s all about syncing my phone to my bank account and catching the newest novel in Kindle form on my iPad. Timeouts are done with precision thanks to the standard Apple “clock” app and there’s never a dull moment at the pediatrician’s office, thanks to games and books.

Here’s the other toddler parent apps that make life SO MUCH EASIER:

  • The 10 Best Apps for Toddler Parents 1 of 11
    The 10 Best Apps for Toddler Parents
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  • Disney’s Storytime app 2 of 11
    Disney's Storytime app
    Our toddler son has taken such an interest in Momma's ability to read on the iPad that he's asking for his own books. At first I was really hesitant. I've said before that I will never, ever turn my son down when he asks to read and I want to cultivate a desire for written words. But for some reason, the idea of him reading on the iPad made me yearn to curl up with an old book like we always do. But then I started thinking about hauling all of those books on our summer adventures and it just made more sense to get him some easy-transport reading. I downloaded a few stories (like the Velveteen Rabbit) but knew he'd want pictures and Disney and Lightnight McQueen. So hello, Disney Storytime! The app comes with three books and then you can download the rest ( all 17 are $8.99 together, or there are other bundles.) I'm pretty psyched that I can read him the classics and he gets his favorites over the summer - it's so much more portable, therefore making my life easier.
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  • Babyphone 3 of 11
    There's several different baby monitor apps, but the key is that you can know from your phone when the tot is up. It's a good way to watch toddler shenanigans from afar but know when to step in.
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  • The basic clock 4 of 11
    The basic clock
    People, do not underestimate the power of the basic apps. I'm a fan of the timer for time-outs, for 5 minutes of television, etc. Toddlers can't argue with loud timers that go off and you've got one on you all the time now!
  • iHomeopathy 5 of 11
    Featured on MSN and Yahoo! Shine, this app is like a mini-nurse in your pocket for basic first-aid. Just be sure to have an actual first aid kid on hand, too!
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  • Pack & Go 6 of 11
    Pack & Go
    Feel like you're always leaving stuff behind on the routine? I thrive on "packing lists" so this way I have my play date list, my out to dinner list, my going-to-Grandma's list. Keeps me organized and I don't leave anything behind!
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  • The Coppertone app 7 of 11
    The Coppertone app
    There's no excuse to get burned this summer with an app that has reapplication reminders, UV indexes, and weather forecasts.
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  • Grocery Gadget 8 of 11
    Grocery Gadget
    For the mom on the go that makes her list as she's standing in the kitchen and playing at the park. You can also send emergency NEED THIS! alerts to your better half to pick up on his/her way home.
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  • Amazon 9 of 11
    This is a necesity for me. I've ordered everything from diapers to swimsuits to toys that I couldn't find in the store. I love having it on my phone because when it hits me that Harrison needs new shoes, I can order them on the spot without having to go to the computer.
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  • Mint: Keeping finances in check 10 of 11
    Mint: Keeping finances in check
    I can check our bank account, cash flow, savings, etc. on my phone. So when daycare tuition is due or our toddler has outgrown his fall jeans, we're financially ready.
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  • A good game 11 of 11
    A good game
    For us, this is the essential app. Our son LOVES Angry Birds and it keeps him delightfully busy while we wait at the post office or when we're out to eat with family. I'm not always a fan of entertaining my child with the phone, but I'm also not above it when desperate times call.
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