Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood

Toddlerhood is a time of adventure, frustration and bittersweet joy.

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday you brought your sweet baby home? How is it possible they’re already bonafide little people with ginormous personalities and adorably bossy tendencies?

It’s equally heartbreaking and wonderful to watch our children grow.

I’ve rounded up the top 10 bittersweet moments of toddlerhood!

  • The great crib escape 1 of 10
    The great crib escape
    Bitter: It's frightening once your toddler decides life behind bars is cruel and unusual punishment. What's even more frightening? The THUD that comes with it.

    Sweet: Your tot is moving on up to a big kid bed and all the snuggly story time and precious bedding that comes with it!
  • Those first words 2 of 10
    Those first words
    Bitter: Even if your child's first word isn't "no", it's sure to become a favorite in record time.

    Sweet: Hooray for language development and a strong spirit!
  • Making friends 3 of 10
    Making friends
    Bitter: Mom and Dad are no longer the sole source of toddler entertainment.

    Sweet: Mom and Dad are no longer the sole source of toddler entertainment.
  • Potty training 4 of 10
    Potty training
    Bitter: The accidents; the nasty, nasty potty accidents and all the frustration and laundry that comes with it.

    Sweet: The millions of dollars saved on diapers and a trashcan that finally smells like trash instead of poopy trash.
  • Riding off into the sunset 5 of 10
    Riding off into the sunset
    Bitter: The tricycle is just the beginning of that sweet taste of freedom.

    Sweet: Riding is a quintessential part of childhood and a great way for toddlers to burn off all that boundless energy!
  • Goodbye to the pacifier 6 of 10
    Goodbye to the pacifier
    Bitter: The pacifier is a master soother. This plastic piece of parental magic was the closest thing to a mute button you could find. Life without a pacifier can be a scary and fussy place (and not just for your toddler).

    Sweet: Your toddler is growing up and finding alternative methods to self-soothe. Added bonus: No longer having to fend off the judgy paci glares of strangers.
  • Starting preschool 7 of 10
    Starting preschool
    Bitter: Say it isn't so! It seems like just yesterday your baby was born and she's already leaving the nest to spread her educational wings!

    Sweet: Preschool is wonderful opportunity for educational and social enrichment.
  • No longer breastfeeding 8 of 10
    No longer breastfeeding
    Bitter: It's hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful shared experience.

    Sweet: Knowing you gave your child the very best nutrition.
  • Those first steps 9 of 10
    Those first steps
    Bitter: Oh, those first wobbly and dangerous steps are exciting and scary to witness!

    Sweet: Oh, the places your toddler will go!
  • Self-feeding 10 of 10
    Bitter: The mess, often discovered in the most unlikely places!

    Sweet: Maybe (just maybe) you'll get back to eating a hot meal.

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Have any bittersweet toddler moments to add?

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