Top 10 Celebrity Moments on Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba is a favorite children’s program in my house. My kids love DJ Lance Rock and the gang, and the celebrity guest appearances make it fun for me to watch, too.

You never know who’ll be the next to pay a visit to Gabba Land.

I’ve rounded up my favorite celebrity Yo Gabba Gabba moments. Check out these actors, musicians and athletes getting silly in the name of children’s entertainment. Gotta love it!

  • Sean Kingtson’s Mini Spinney 1 of 10
    Sean Kingtson's Mini Spinney
    The singer's Mini Spinney performance is a toddler favorite.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Mos Def’s Super Mr. Superhero 2 of 10
    Mos Def's Super Mr. Superhero
    The whole Gabba gang is playing superheroes, and Mos Def joins in the super fun.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Sarah Silverman’s Mime Dancey Dance 3 of 10
    Sarah Silverman's Mime Dancey Dance
    Sarah's mime demonstration is hilarious.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Tony Hawk’s Non Dance Dancey Dance 4 of 10
    Tony Hawk's Non Dance Dancey Dance
    With a little help from his Gabba friends, Tony demonstrates his skateboarding moves.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Mya’s Peanut Butter Stomp 5 of 10
    Mya's Peanut Butter Stomp
    Mya is adorable doing the Peanut Butter Stomp!
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Weird Al’s Ringmaster Act 6 of 10
    Weird Al's Ringmaster Act
    His creepiness only adds to his charm. Or something.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Elijah Wood’s Puppet Master Dancey Dance 7 of 10
    Elijah Wood's Puppet Master Dancey Dance
    My 5 year old loves doing the Puppet Master with Elijah!
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Anthony Bourdain’s Doctor Tony 8 of 10
    Anthony Bourdain's Doctor Tony
    Maybe he could stand to work on his bedside manner.
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Amy Sedaris’ Tooth Fairy Waltz 9 of 10
    Amy Sedaris' Tooth Fairy Waltz
    Amy Sedaris in the role of a lifetime!
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
  • Jack Black 10 of 10
    Jack Black
    I could watch this 100 times and still crack up. I love his moves!
    Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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