Top 10 Most Annoying Toddler Cartoons

Meeting his favorite at the NC State Fair.

Oh, cartoons.  You are the reason I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the mornings, feet propped up in slippers.  I love you because you entertain the child, maybe teach him a thing or two and let’s face it, some of my favorite memories from childhood were Saturday morning cartoons with my brothers.

But sometimes you annoying the ever-living snot out of me.

Whine, whine, whine.  Weird animal noises and parents that are never around and consenquences that are never doled out.  How many times has Thomas messed up the main line and never said “I’m sorry?”  Where the heck are Ruby’s parents?  Why does Caillou whine so much and why is he bald?

Here are the cartoon characters you most want to knife in a dark alley, as voted by me and the lovely folks of my Facebook page:

  • #10 – Martha from Martha Speaks 1 of 10
    #10 - Martha from Martha Speaks
    She's a know-it-all and that's obnoxious, but she has a heart of gold and teaches great language skills.
  • #9 – Curious George 2 of 10
    #9 - Curious George
    He's loveable but doesn't speak English.
  • #8 – Elmo 3 of 10
    #8 - Elmo
  • #7 – The Cat In The Hat 4 of 10
    #7 - The Cat In The Hat
    He knows a lot about that, but he's a deceiving little trick that purposefully has the kids on the show deceive their mother by ommitting the truth. "Can we go to Oompa Loompa Land?" they ask & you know the mom thinks they're joking. Then off they go with this strange cat.
  • #6 – Chuck the Truck 5 of 10
    #6 - Chuck the Truck
    He's arrogant & stubborn. His parents think he farts unicorn dust but he continuously breaks the rules without getting into any real trouble.
  • #5 – Dora 6 of 10
    #5 - Dora
    SWIPER NO SWIPING! Then your two year old starts speaking Spanish over dinner & you failed 11th grade Spanish.
  • #4 – Thomas the Train 7 of 10
    #4 - Thomas the Train
    Does he ever actually own up to his mistakes or have real consenquences?
  • #3 – Ruby from Max & Ruby 8 of 10
    #3 - Ruby from Max & Ruby
    She's a rude know-it-all. The parents are never around. I can't wait for the day that Max gives her hell right back.
  • #2 – SpongeBob Square Pants 9 of 10
    #2 - SpongeBob Square Pants
    It just wouldn't be a list without this weird sponge nerd & his awful cartoon voice.
  • #1 – Caillou 10 of 10
    #1 - Caillou
    He whines. He cries. He whines some more.

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