Top 10 Working Mom Essentials

We talk a lot about toddlers, and toddler products, and toddler essentials here on Toddler Times. We talk about their clothes, and attitudes, and lovies, and sometimes we talk about mommas, but it’s mostly toddlers up in this piece.

(yes, I just said “up in this piece.”  deal with it.)

I’ve been doing this working-momma thing for almost three years now — I started going back to work when he was three-months-old after a tough maternity-leave and, with the exception of three months where I worked from home for Microsoft, I’ve been in an office throughout my role as a mom. I like to think that I have two careers: one as a digital marketer and one as a momma. Oh, and that little writing hobby. I get a lot of questions about how I “do it all” and y’all should know better than to ask that because none of us “do it all.”  Not even the ‘Super Mom’ that Pinterest has breathed new life into.  I could preach for hours on how having a good attitude and letting the little stuff slide is the key to working-mom happiness, but I’d rather give you a run-down of the products that actually make my existence as a working mom with a toddler so much easier:

  • A good planner 1 of 9
    A good planner
    I prefer my momAgenda because it has enough spaces for me to list happenings and to-dos for the whole of my life: me, husband, toddler, work, and blog. Keep a schedule so you don't forget anything!
    Buy your own momAgenda here for $75
  • A good, washable, comfortable outfit 2 of 9
    A good, washable, comfortable outfit
    My go-to comfy office outfit is a washable black dress, paired with a scarf and basic heels or flats. I don't have to iron it and if it gets messy, it goes into the washing machine.
  • Keep a pair of flats in the car 3 of 9
    Keep a pair of flats in the car
    That last-minute grocery run after work, or maybe it's pretty outside and decide you want to hit up the park, or run through the rain for daycare pick-up — either way, it's must easier in flats than heels. Keep a solid pair in the car.
    Buy a pair of Keen flats at Zappos for $75
  • Coffee 4 of 9
    You're going to be tired, just like every mom out there. But after the kid has been up four times that night and you have a 9 a.m. status meeting, get your butt to the drive-thru coffee window and order a vente.
  • Keep Tylenol in the car 5 of 9
    Keep Tylenol in the car
    Harrison's school doesn't administer over-the-counter meds so what to do when he's crying because of teething? It's easier for me to hop in the car and administer a dose than pick it up at home or the store and go back to the school. This is less time out of the office.
    Buy Children's Acetaminophen at Target (prices vary by store)
  • A simple meal to fall back on 6 of 9
    A simple meal to fall back on
    My family's simple meal is Bertolli pastas that you find in the fridge section — it's tasty and it boils on the stove in 10 minutes. Pair it with pasta sauce heated in the microwave and bread warmed in the oven, toss in a small salad, and dinner is on the table in 15 minutes with minimal clean-up.
  • Know the closest gas and grocery stores 7 of 9
    Know the closest gas and grocery stores
    It's 5 p.m. and you're running late and you're out of gas? Know your closest gas station. It's 6 p.m. and you're 95% home and nothing planned for dinner? Know the closest grocery store from your house and grab that easy-to-make dinner.
    Photo Credit: I-5 Design & Manufacture on Flickr
  • Keep a notebook 8 of 9
    Keep a notebook
    I keep a journal or sketchpad on me at all times to jot down ideas, lists, or important things to remember. This way, it is always on me for reference if I'm looking up a reminder for daycare, work, or home.
  • The Dominos Pizza App 9 of 9
    The Dominos Pizza App
    There is no shame in my game. Sometimes it's just what fills the bellies until the next day.
    Photo Credit: samgranleese on Flickr



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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