Top 12 Toddler Momma Essentials

I carry around a lot of stuff.

Whether you’re standing in line at the post office, sitting in a cubicle, or home all day, there are certain necessities for raising a toddler.

In the early days, I carried a diaper bag that I lovingly selected and filled with infant goodies.  Diapers, gentle wipes, a wee rattle toy & a formula dispenser.  I always tossed in extra pacis, a change of clothes, and burp cloths, just in case.  Sometimes, I even tossed in an extra tshirt for myself — a baby with reflux meant I never knew when we’d need a fresh outfit!  Also essential?  A good baby swing, the Moby Wrap, & earplugs.

As he grew older, I kept the diapers and wipes, swapped out the burp cloths for a blanket to lay down if needed, and kept a snack cup full of puffs.  I carried more toys than pacis and didn’t bother throwing in extra clothes for either one of us.  I wore him in the Ergo & we purchased a white noise machine to help him sleep.

Through every stage of life I’ve had a list of essentials, but now I have some for surviving toddlerhood.  See how your list compares to mine:

  • A camera. 1 of 12
    A camera.
    It doesn't have to be a big fancy one (I use everything from a DSLR to my phone's camera), but I always have a camera on me to capture life's moments.
  • Back up lovies. 2 of 12
    Back up lovies.
    Because Heaven forbid you leave one at Grandma's.
  • A strong cup of coffee. 3 of 12
    A strong cup of coffee.
    Or whatever your poison of choice may be.
  • Good storage. 4 of 12
    Good storage.
    I'm a fan of these small plastic bins for organizing race tracks, train tracks, & monster trucks.
  • A good planner. 5 of 12
    A good planner.
    I use momAgenda as a perfect way to organize the family, meal plan, & store coupons.
  • A smart phone. 6 of 12
    A smart phone.
    Checking email, capturing pictures, tweeting his funny sayings...I can do it all with the touch of a finger!
  • A hairband & bobby pins. 7 of 12
    A hairband & bobby pins.
    For that moment in the park when you realize it wasn't a good idea to curl your hair when you're retrieving a screaming 2-year-old from the top tower.
  • A journal. 8 of 12
    A journal.
    Or baby book. Or blog. Somewhere to write out all of the adventures your toddler has so they are not forgotten.
  • A big bag! 9 of 12
    A big bag!
    To carry everything in. I still use my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag or a big purse.
  • A fast easy-to-please recipe. 10 of 12
    A fast easy-to-please recipe.
    Chili & cornbread is my choice!
  • A strong drink. 11 of 12
    A strong drink.
    FOR THOSE DAYS. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
  • A good sense of humor. 12 of 12
    A good sense of humor.
    Because gosh knows, you're going to need it.

Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair.
You can also find her on the TwittersFacebook.

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