Top 14 Reasons that Harry has the Best Dad Ever

Our journey into parenthood has been, as many would describe their own, WILD.  The unpredictable mess and joy of it all has changed my husband and I on how we view the world, the people we want to be, the life we want to build together.

When I married my husband, I knew he was a good man and excellent choice – I like to say that I married up and I feel sorry that he can’t say the same 😉  He proved to be a loving husband and an even better father from the moment they held Harrison up for the first time.  In that delivery room, I saw the shift in my husband immediately from a husband to a family man.  He was hands-on from the very beginning – often times more hands-on than I was.  He was patient and gentle with Harrison, always ready to give the next feeding or change the next dirty diaper.  He never complained.

As Harrison grew, he turned into more of a Daddy’s Boy and Doug embraced the role.  He never puts Harrison off or tells him to wait for later, but rather gets down on the floor with cars and trucks or makes sure they get in one good, final wrestle for the day before bedtime.  He’s a firm but gentle discplinarian, always cautious of Harrison’s feelings and his own mood.  He comes home from work ready to be with his family, ready for dinner and play and prayers and yes, his wife, even on the hardest days.

Doug, you are everything as a father that I dreamed you would be.  Thank you for all you do.

All the reasons I love my man as a father like whoa:

  • His sense of humor. 1 of 14
    His sense of humor.
    He makes Harrison & I laugh every day with his dry wit & ability to be silly.
  • He supports me unconditionally. 2 of 14
    He supports me unconditionally.
    I was so sick after Harrison's birth & he never faltered or lost faith.
  • He’s indulgent (but not to the point of spoiling!) 3 of 14
    He's indulgent (but not to the point of spoiling!)
    When Harrison had to go to the doctor last week & had a minor procedure, Doug brought him home a "prize" for being such a brave boy (a new matchbox car track!).
  • He’s a hard worker. 4 of 14
    He's a hard worker.
    He works hard to provide a good life for us, only wanting the best for his little family.
  • He started the nickname “Harry.” 5 of 14
    He started the nickname "Harry."
    It was their little secret for months since I had said we would never call him "Harry." But it fits our little boy perfectly.
  • He knows how to play! 6 of 14
    He knows how to play!
    Snowball fights, forts, wrestle matches. He loves getting down to Harrison's level.
  • He’s present in every moment. 7 of 14
    He's present in every moment.
    This picture was taken at sunrise on the beach when Harrison decided to wake at 5am. He never once complained for the early wake time or the walk to keep the house quiet so the others could sleep.
  • Getting dirty doesn’t scare him. 8 of 14
    Getting dirty doesn't scare him.
    Nasty teething diapers? No problem. Oatmeal in the hair? It's cool. Sand in the britches? Just hose him off!
  • He’s good looking. 9 of 14
    He's good looking.
    Hey, it's a perk of procreating with this guy - getting to look at him!
  • He lets Harry be his own person. 10 of 14
    He lets Harry be his own person.
    A pink pumpkin? It's no shame in Doug's hat if that's what Harry wants.
  • He’s calm & reasonable. 11 of 14
    He's calm & reasonable.
    He very rarely loses his temper & never with me or Harrison. His quiet voice keeps even the most hectic moments manageable.
  • He does the bedtime routine. 12 of 14
    He does the bedtime routine.
    Doug has always given Harrison his bath, then reads a book & says prayers.
  • He’s affectionate. 13 of 14
    He's affectionate.
    Hugs, kisses, tickles for both me & the kiddo.
  • He’s protective. 14 of 14
    He's protective.
    Sure, he can be a little "helocopter" at times, but safety is his top priority for keeping Harrison alive.
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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