Top 17 Toddler Bath Toys

Confession: I have never much cared for bath time.

For a long time I thought that made me a wretched mother, but 3.5 years and lots of therapy later, I realize that not all aspects of parenting are enjoyable to everyone. (I love, love, love reading endless amounts of books and sifting through the library with my son and I know that’s not a favorite of another mother.) But my son has always loved water and his bath so I am always on the lookout for new bath toys.

In the beginning we had squirtees galore and I used to get the best belly laughs out of my 9-month old by squirting him gently with a squishy crab or star. But then I realized how gross (mold inside! yuck!) those squirtees had become and I quickly looked for new toys. Right now we have a mixture of squirt toys (that are soaked in vinegar or tossed out on a regular basis) and non-bath toys (like Matchbox cars!) and traditional bath toys. As he gets older and really starts playing in the tub, I am finding it easier to enjoy bath time. I sit on the toilet beside him (lid down and pants up, of course) and we wash cars and pour water and sometimes I get him to practice blowing bubbles with his mouth in anticipation of summer swim lessons.

If you’re in the market for some good bath toys, here is a run-down of the things we love, plus a few that I’d love to buy!

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    Click through to scrub a dub dub!
  • Fisher Price Thomas Bath Tracks 2 of 18
    Thomas rolls along the track with the aid of poured water and lifted gates. Perfect for that train-obsessed tot!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $13.99
  • Sassy Count ‘N Spell Appliques 3 of 18
    A classic bath toy that makes learning fun - letters and numbers that stick to the bathroom walls! It's easy to practice ABC's and number recognition while having fun in the tub.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $6.99
  • Disney Princess Bath Dolls 4 of 18
    The Disney princesses are tub-ready with bathing suits and sarongs. This way Barbie doesn't have to get her hair wet!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $9.99 retoucher Peter Kaye
  • Alex Toys Spin & Wash Rubadub 5 of 18
    This one is on my to-buy list. Perfect for the toddler that doesn't like to be washed, it turns washing into a game! He spins the wheel and that body part is washed until they're all completed! (p.s. it gives a sense of "control" to the toddler, eliminating bath fights!)
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $6.99
  • Munchkin Bath Dunkers 6 of 18
    Indoor basketball? Yes, please! Hand-eye coordination at it's finest, plus the little fish are squirtees! My son has adored this toy for well over a year & we love cheering for him when he makes a dunk.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $10.79
  • Skip Hop Dunk 7 of 18
    I bought these when my toddler was a baby for hair-washing. They are now a favorite for dumping water and hauling smaller toys around the tub.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $9.99
  • Alex Jungle Waterfall 8 of 18
    The perfect way to let your toddler pour and watch water run without it ending up all over the bathroom floor!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $16.99
  • Alex Dirty Dogs 9 of 18
    I just thought this was adorable. The pups have dirty marks until they're scrubbed clean with water and a mini wash-cloth!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $11.99
  • Matchbox Car Wash Adventure Set 10 of 18
    A classic case of using a toy that isn't invented specifically for the bath but turns out being an amazing bath toy. We load water into the car wash and Harry runs his beloved Matchbox cars through - they all get a good washing before bedtime!
    Buy here: Amazon for $22.87
  • Sassy Catch & Count Net 11 of 18
    Develop hand-eye coordination between the net and scooping up the bright fish. Plus, your toddler can practice counting and working in order since the fish are labeled 1-2-3!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $6.99
  • Alex Rub A Dub Draw in the Tub 12 of 18
    Writing on the walls? Yes, please! Your toddler can be an artist & the crayon washes off easily with water after bath time is over.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $6.99
  • Skip Hop Octopus Ring Toss Fountain 13 of 18
    This toy easily goes from baby to toddler, so it's perfect if you're entertaining both. For baby, pour water inside the octopus & it trickles out through the arms! Older kids can try motor skills by tossing rings onto the arms.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $12.99
  • Edushape Floating Blocks 14 of 18
    Future engineers will love this one - the blocks are soft and floating!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $17.99
  • Alex Princess in the Tub 15 of 18
    A crown and wand allow your toddler to play dress-up even in the tub.
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $17.59
  • Munchkin Gone Fishin’ 16 of 18
    A magnet catchs squirties to tune fine motor skills and the squirties fill with water for extra fun!
    Buy here: YoYo.com for $10.99
  • Skip Hop Sort & Spin Fishbowl Bath Sorter 17 of 18
    I adore shape-sorting toys because I like puzzles. The toys are also squirtees!
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $19.99
  • Babies R Us Tea Party Set 18 of 18
    This time she really gets to have "tea" with real water inside the teapot! A great way to get down and play with your toddler while she's bathing.
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $9.99

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