Top 6 Ways to Celebrate the Small Stuff

 I think it is so easy as parents to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and the things we expect our child to do that we forget what it is like to be two or three or even four and be overwhelmed with learning.  Every day is an adventure and a new task to learn and process.  As a parent, I try to remember how much energy my kid spends on learning and trying to be good for momma so I try to remember to reinforce with positive messages rather than simply disciplining all the time.

Even at 29 years old, I’d rather get a sticker than a time-out.

So in our family, we try to celebrate even the smallest success. Like when he cleans his room when I ask and when he has a “dry day” for potty training and when he has a fantastic “school report.”  We try to mix it up between treats and toys and activities — I don’t want him to equate junk food with success or become spoiled.  Here’s how we try to celebrate the good, wonderful, crazy toddler things that our kid does:

  • Mini-marshmallows 1 of 6
    A low-cal, tasty and easy treat, we use mini-marshmallows to celebrate any attempt on the potty. This keeps the experience positive.

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  • Matchbox cars 2 of 6
    Matchbox cars
    We use Matchbox cars as "currency" because they're a) cheap at $0.89 per car and b) Harry loves them. I keep a few in a closet for times when I need him to be quietly entertained or when he's done something really, really fantastic (like the first time he peed in the potty).

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  • Make a favorite meal 3 of 6
    Make a favorite meal
    The kid had an extra-great day at school? He minded well the whole day? Make his favorite meal for dinner and chat about what a good boy he was over the meal.

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  • Show him the money 4 of 6
    Show him the money
    Harry has a piggy bank and one of his favorite things to do is to add coins to it. Maybe a nickel for cleaning up his room when you ask, or a dime for feeding the dog.

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  • Go somewhere fun 5 of 6
    Go somewhere fun
    If I get a great report from Harrison's school day, I take him to the park for 30 minutes of fun. It's a no-calorie, no-money way to praise his great behavior and encourage it for the next day.

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  • Put a sticker on it 6 of 6
    Put a sticker on it
    The sticker chart is the ultimate toddler tool. Cheap, easy, and a visual way for the kid to track and show off success.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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