Top 7 Deceptively Disturbing Kids’ Movies

Think Disney is all love and rainbows and princesses finding their destiny?  Think again.

The argument over Disney princesses has been circled numerous times by the blogging community, so I’m not going there today.  Instead, I’m talking about that moment that you pop in a Disney movie for your toddler, thinking it’s all a-okay for movie night and then an hour later, he’s in tears and you’re kicking your own tail for not remembering the plot.

I’m positive I’m not the only on who’s been there, right?

Hercules was our first run with that when Harrison caught site of the gazillion-headed monster that Hercules fights.  He screamed and I wanted to throw myself down that monster’s throat for forgetting about him and how he, beheaded.  Several times.  To put it delicately.  Needless to say, we stuck with Cars and Robin Hood for quite awhile after that.

A few months ago, we found Fox & the Hound, which was a childhood favorite of mine.  My husband worried that it would be too disturbing for Harrison, but I never thought it was sad as a little girl.  I guess it is, but I didn’t blink an eye or neither did Harrison.  Point?  Every kid reacts differently. But these are the movies that I would give pause before choosing them for toddler movie night:

Are their any movies that scared you as a child?  Any movies you refuse to show your toddler?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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