Top 7 Reasons Parents Are Always Late

Ah mornings, you probably were never a fan. When you were a kid, mornings meant school. As an adult, mornings meant work. As a parent, mornings meant you were going to be late.

I used to pride myself on punctuality. A secret sense of accomplishment washed over me whenever I arrived ahead of schedule. It was as if I beat the system by not only arriving on time, but by arriving early and outsmarting Murphy’s Law, traffic and life in general. #winning

I’ve had to swallow the bitter pill that is tardiness as a parent. Even when every possible detail is arranged the night before, I’m still sure to be late. Kids make us late, not because they did anything wrong but just by virtue of being kids.

I therefore surrender to the gods of lateness for these reasons:

  • Getting the kids in the car 1 of 7
    Getting the kids in the car
    OK, so the kids in this picture are smiling but you know as well as I how gosh darn difficult it can be to get children in the car - especially when they don't want to be there. Pretend these kids are upset, that's more like it.
  • Finding clothes and/or fighting over them 2 of 7
    Finding clothes and/or fighting over them
    Kids are picky about everything, including clothes. Coming to an agreement on what to wear and then finding each carefully negotiated piece takes time...way too much time.
  • A toddler meltdown 3 of 7
    A toddler meltdown
    Anything can trigger a toddler meltdown. Anything. Toddler meltdowns never seem to happen at a good time, but when you're running late, they're practically a guarantee.
  • Stop! Potty time 4 of 7
    Stop! Potty time
    Just when your tot is all dressed and you've got one foot out the door, guess who has to go #2?
  • A mommy meltdown 5 of 7
    A mommy meltdown
    You're late. You're acting late which pretty much flips the slow switch on your toddler. Everything that could possibly go wrong has. You let out a scream, a heavy sigh, a waterfall of tears. Oh mama, we've all been there!
  • Missing shoes 6 of 7
    Missing shoes
    Your toddler has latched onto a favorite pair of shoes, and yet despite their love for these shoes, one is inevitable always missing. Let the shoe hunt begin!
  • Missing keys and/or phone 7 of 7
    Missing keys and/or phone
    OK, this one might be your fault - but then again, maybe not. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one who threw my iPhone in the trash last week.

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Are you always late but worth the wait?

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