Top 8 Tips to Have an Awesome Family Beach Trip with a Toddler

toddler vacation tipsOh, friends.  I promise that I wasn’t trying to trick/tease/fool you with my last post on “How to Have an Awesome Family Beach Trip with a Toddler” and then I’m all LET ME TALK ABOUT VACATION AND NOT TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT.

I touched on my best tips a little bit in the blog post (not slideshow part) but I guess that was kind of like writing a term paper on The Scarlet Letter and trying to decide whether to touch on social issues of discrimination and disparity, or just make it about a torrid love affair.  Which is unfair because when you come over to Toddler Times, it’s supposed to be easy reading and not a delve-into-the-meat kind of essay.  Which means that I’m picking up what you’re putting down, that I failed to deliver in my last post.

Truthfully, I just got distracted while writing it.  Oops.  Forgive me for the oversight?

So without further pomp and circumstance, I give you my Top Tips for Making Vacation Super-Effing Amazing with a Toddler:

  • Have a rainy day plan. 1 of 8
    Have a rainy day plan.
    Let's face it - you can't control the weather and most vacations aren't fun with crappy weather. Keep a fun indoor activity in your back pocket for these days, like a trip to the aquarium or museum or big toy store or special place to eat lunch.
  • Plan travel around nap time. 2 of 8
    Plan travel around nap time.
    We always plan to hit the road about 30 minutes before regular nap time so that he'll conk out the majority of the way. It gives us peace and quiet to drive and helps the trip pass quickly for little ones.
  • Keep them active. 3 of 8
    Keep them active.
    Getting in the water and swimming for an hour or building a sandcastle or racing on the beach ensured that home boy was exhausted by nap and bedtime. (also, we were exhausted and ready to go to bed with him!)
  • Throw the schedule out the window and pour some coffee. 4 of 8
    Throw the schedule out the window and pour some coffee.
    Look, you can stress out about what time to wake, go to bed, where to be at what time...or you can just figure it's vacation and it'll all be okay. You have nowhere to be! You're in charge of your destiny! So if the kid goes to bed at 9pm because you've stayed up to watch Tangled, it's okay. Simmer down, momma. Relax.
  • Keep ’em fed. 5 of 8
    Keep 'em fed.
    Nothing is crankier than a hungry toddler and vacation activity tends to burn up his energy faster. Keep easy snacks on hand and more than usual. Crankies happening and it's only 9am? Seriously, try a little snack. The kid could be hungry.
  • Co-sleep. 6 of 8
    It's not so good for vacation marital relations, wink-wink-nudge-nudge, but sleeping in the same room as us gave our kid a sense of security in a strange house. That meant he slept longer
  • Vacation with extended family or friends. 7 of 8
    Vacation with extended family or friends.
    Okay, so this one isn't for everyone, especially if you don't get along with your family. But for us, traveling with my family is WONDERFUL because it's good company and all-hands-on-deck for Harrison. When we start feeling burned out, Gram and Grandaddy are eager to hop in for an hour. It's like "group parenting," which gives us time to relax.
  • Drink adult beverages. 8 of 8
    Drink adult beverages.
    Some days are tough. New setting, lots of activity, little sleep. Just go ahead and hit up the ABC store because sometimes Momma just needs a drink after the toddler goes to bed.

Any tips of your own that I missed?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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