Top Toddlerisms: Cutest Mispronunciations/Word Creations Ever

It's "darken" outside...
It’s “darken” outside…

One of the greatest joys of parenting a toddler is bearing witness to their adorable mispronunciations.

And I’m not just talking mispronunciations due to little tongues and teeth that aren’t used to working in conjunction. I’m talking about when kids create entire new words for things.

Violet is the queen of word creation and more often than not, I like her word better than the original word. But, whether they just can’t say the word properly, have completely created a whole new word or even a new phrase, these are some of the best moments of toddler parenting.

In fact, most families can trace back family words, nicknames and inside jokes to the mispronunciations and word quirks of their kids when they were toddlers.

Check out some of the best toddler word creations and phrases that we now regularly use in our house because we just like the new words that much better!

What’s your favorite toddler mispronunciation/word creation? Got any family nicknames as a result of your toddler?

  • Darken 1 of 14
    Violet has always said "darken" instead of dark. "It's darken, mom." Our entire family pretty much says darken now instead of dark because it's obviously the superior word.
  • Stunks 2 of 14
    I mean, how is it that skunks weren't called "stunks" in the first place? It's so obvious!
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  • Pimples 3 of 14
    No a mispronunciation or word creation but too cute to pass up. Violet will point to my dimples and tell me "I love your pimples, mom!" Unfortunately, I have pimples too.
  • For She Kisses 4 of 14
    For She Kisses
    Right on the money with this one too. We keep a container of Hershey Kisses in the cupboard and Violet will ask if she can have a "for she kiss." Which, she's right, you know? Kisses for she.
  • Stop Stanking Me! 5 of 14
    Stop Stanking Me!
    Stank: verb: the act of smelling up the personal space of someone else with your smelly diaper or bad breath. "Mom! Henry is stanking me with his diaper!"
  • Dancing Spiders 6 of 14
    Dancing Spiders
    According to Violet this is how you're supposed to move your hands when you wash them. Soap them up and then make "dancing spiders" in the water.
  • Turn Off Your Breath 7 of 14
    Turn Off Your Breath
    Violet's polite way of telling you that you have bad breath and you are stanking her!
  • Fish Pickles 8 of 14
    Fish Pickles
    When we got Fishley (who Violet also named) she kept asking for the "fish pickles" so she could feed him. Now Fishley's food is called fish pickles.
  • The White Castle 9 of 14
    The White Castle
    Last year we had a house fire and had to move. We ended up renting this house that Violet dubbed "The White Castle." Her "Pink Princess Room" was inside on the second floor. A house fire felt like anything but a fairytale but Violet's sweet little names for things made it a little more bearable.
  • Candy Cane House 10 of 14
    Candy Cane House
    Every year we decorate our porch columns with red ribbons that look like candy canes so, when we had to move to The White Castle after our house fire Violet started calling this house the "Candy Cane House" and it stuck. All year round.
  • Turkey Pants, Shirt, Hat… 11 of 14
    Turkey Pants, Shirt, Hat...
    Because dad wears camouflage when he hunts turkeys in the spring anything camouflage is called 'turkey.' As in "Look at that man's turkey pants." Or "Look at that turkey jacket" or "Mom, I want to wear my turkey clothes." Here is Henry in his "turkey hat."
  • Smashed Potatoes 12 of 14
    Smashed Potatoes
    I know smashed potatoes are already a thing but Violet didn't know that. I call them mashed potatoes and she saw me smashing them and started calling them smashed potatoes so now we all do.
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  • Old MacDonalds 13 of 14
    Old MacDonalds
    Somehow she got her kid songs and the restaurant all mixed up so every now and again she asks if we can go to Old MacDonalds for dinner. Which, well, both have cows so...
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  • Joey 14 of 14
    Violet has taken to talking through her belly button and insisting that its name is "Joey." I think this has something to do with baby kangaroos in their mama's pouches being called joeys. But now she'll tell me Joey is hungry and I have to have a ten minute conversation with her belly button about what it would like for a snack.

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