Traveling with Toddlers – Do You Stay in a Hotel Room or with Relatives?

I am one of those proud Texans. You know, those people who won’t shut up about how great their state is. Minus the politics, heat and gun obsession people have around these parts, I really do love it here. One of our favorite places to venture in Texas is Austin. There is just 222 miles that separate our family from that wonderful city. In the last few years, my husband’s mom and his sister have moved to Austin, so now we have a free place to stay! Or do we?

While I have no problems sleeping on a spare bed, a couch or floor in someone’s home that I know, I do have a problem with doing that with 4 kids next to us. My kids are loud and destructive. No parent can control kids being kids, but kids being kids in a home that is not ours always makes me feel like a burden. Sure, I may be overly sensitive, but the last thing I want my kids to do is disrupt someone else’s sleep (my husband and mine don’t count).

Money is money, but the last several visits to Austin we have ended up forking over $150+ a night to stay in a hotel room, and that is on discount. (I ALWAYS travel on discount!) With 4 kids, finding a hotel room isn’t THAT easy. While I am some what snooty when it comes to cleanliness, I am also snooty when it comes to room size.

A standard hotel room just isn’t made for 6 people. With 2 toddlers requiring 2 pack-and-plays in a room with 2 beds, we find ourselves with no room to go to the bathroom. Add in the fact there are that many people in that close of quarters, you have a sleepless night due to the noise. Our toddlers do not do well sleeping with outside noise around. Another issue, in most cases when trying to purchase a hotel room for 4 kids, the reservation requires 2 rooms. Not that I don’t break the rules occasionally, but I really don’t care to buy 2 rooms. Our solution? Finding a suite or hotel with bedrooms. They work, but hello pricey.

Last weekend, we had no plans and decided to call up the relatives and attempt a stay with all 4 kids. We warned everyone of our arrival and apologized in advance. The verdict? Not TOO terribly bad. We saved around $123. The toddlers only caused minimal damage in the 15 hours we spent in my sister-in-law’s home (Monopoly game $15, Fishing Game $12). Was it worth it? I slept 3 hours, my husband slept 5 hours. So maybe.

We absolutely love road tripping and traveling, but in order for us to be able to do that I’m afraid we need to wait for the toddlers to get a little bit older so we can save money on hotel rooms and stay with friends and family.

There never seems to be the right answer.

Are Your Kids Good When Staying Out of Town With Relatives?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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