Trying to Get a First Day of Preschool Photo

first day of preschool photo

Today is a huge day for our family!  Each of our 4 kids started a new school today. The 2 oldest moved to a charter school and our 2 youngest started a new preschool. Each year, I capture a first day photo for the big kids, so I thought I would start this tradition with the toddlers. Though they hopefully will go year-round, it will be fun to look back at each fall and see how they have grown each year.

First the older kids went. All went well. This is the one photo they actually seem to cooperate with.

Next, we gave the toddlers their first day of school signs to hold, and attempted to get a first day of preschool photo… yeah, about that.

Sometimes you just get what you get. If anything, these represent exactly how they are. Many years from now, I’ll be able to look back and think – yeah they wouldn’t even sit for a first day of preschool photo!

Drop-off went well this morning. There amazingly were no tears and just a little bit of anxiety from Zeke, the youngest.

After a summer with a house full of kids, this mom is exhaling and enjoying this wee bit of freedom because 3:30 will come quick!


  • What? 1 of 8

    "I am expected to sit here and do what?"

    Oh this is going to be fun trying to get these two to pose for the camera...

  • Cheese 2 of 8

    "Oh, she wants us to smile. I can give her that.... Did she say candy?"

    I am not above bribing my toddlers for a cute photo. Sorry, that's how I roll.

  • Whee! 3 of 8

    "Look what I can do!"

    Who needs to take a photo, when you can do tricks with your legs!

  • Yum! 4 of 8

    Then my kid decided this photo taking thing was boring and tried to eat the paper. Yes, fiber is good, right?

  • Spitting Out Paper 5 of 8

    Yeah, paper doesn't taste good buddy. 

  • Four Eyes Looking At You 6 of 8

    "Okay mom, we are looking at you. This is good enough, right!"

    Smile, PLEASE??

  • DONE? 7 of 8

    "Are we done yet?"

    This is where they start talking in their secret toddler language. I am pretty sure they weren't talking nice either.

  • The End 8 of 8

    And this is as good as it gets. Both somewhat happy, though no idea what the sign says.


    I TRIED!

Did Your Toddlers Start Preschool This Year?

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