Violet at 1 year old.

Since the birth of both of my children we have pretty much bathed them every day.

I thought, like changing a zillion and five diapers a day, it was just part of being a parent.  I mean, I didn’t bathe them as newborns every day, but once they hit around four or five months old, I definitely began dunking them in the tub for a rinse-off every day and by a year old they were definitely getting the full tub treatment on a daily basis.

I mean, they get so sticky and dirty and sometimes they’re such a mess that dunking in water once every 24 hours seems necessary.  I know I require showering once a day but is this me enforcing my adult lifestyle on kids that don’t want or really need to be clean all the time?

Because I recently read an article Sasha Brown-Worsham wrote over on The Stir called Kids Do Not Need To Bathe Every Day in which she says she only bathes her 3 and 4 year olds a couple times a week.

I read this and my head nearly exploded. AM I DOING IT WRONG?

We are still bathing every day. Every. Day. It’s an hour-long ordeal that my husband undergoes every single morning. It used to be my job but ever since I started writing from home, bath duty falls to Serge. In fact, he just yelled “Tub Time” to Violet a few minutes ago.

Routine: Kids get up, eat breakfast, watch cartoons and then around nine, nine-thirty we begin sing-songing “Tub Time” to get Violet all jazzed for the tub. She hangs out playing in the tub for 15 minutes or so and we dunk Henry in and scrub him off while she’s playing with her toys. We get her hair wet ever day because if we don’t, she looks like Phil Spector on trial for murder, but we only wash her hair every other day.

Brown-Worsham says she just can’t deal with a daily bath because “There is often screaming and crying whether they don’t want to bathe at all or they don’t want to get out. They splash too much and never “keep the water in the tub” even though I tell them to. Mostly they’re having fun, not being defiant, but it’s still hard to manage, especially for one person”.

I totally understand what she’s saying but still.  I would feel terrible if I didn’t start my kids of on a clean note.  But is that the dorky parent in me rearing her silly head?  Am I anal about bathing?  As kids get older does it turn into a bigger pain in the ass than it’s worth?  Should I just swab ’em down with baby wipes and get on with our day?

Tell me the truth!  How old are your kids and how often do you bathe them?

A little advice: Here’s how NOT to potty train your kid!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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