Two Going on 13: What Will Your Toddler Be Like in Ten Years?

I'm imagining him ten years from now.

I was recently reading a book about time management and it was talking about setting goals for your future. The author encouraged thinking about your life five, ten, and even twenty years down the road, and picturing what you would want to be doing with your life, and what you wanted your life to look like.

Of course, when I started picturing my life ten years from now, I thought about my kids, and what ages they would be. My daughter would be almost 14 1/2, and my son, my sweet and spirited son, would be 12, going on 13. As this thought ran through my head, I think my heart actually skipped a beat. 13! Yikes!

That is such a scary, and yet kind of exciting, thought to me.

I wonder what this son of mine will be like when he’s 12 going on 13?  Will he be taller than me already, or getting close? Will he still have his sweet, sensitive and loving side, or will all that be buried by his strong-will and general teenage angst? I hope not.

What will he be passionate about? Sports, music, friends? What will his favorite subjects be in school? Will he still hug me in the morning before he leaves, or will he shy away from touch the way many teenage boys do.

Oh, my sweet, sweet little guy, what kind of young man will you become as you grow?

I have so many hopes and dreams and wishes for my kids as they grow up. That they would do well in school. That they would excel and something they love. That they would have friends who are a good influence on them. That they will still love to spend time with their family. That they will be passionate about life, and respectful and loving toward others. That they would make an impact on others, and on the world around them.

As much as ten years from now seems like a long time away, and there is so much that will happen in our lives between now and then, most of which we cannot even dream of at this point, I also know that in ten years I will probably look back and think it all happened so quickly. That I merely blinked from the time I wrote this post, to that actual day in ten years when my son turns thirteen.

Because really, it’s all gone by so quickly already. I have to work hard to cherish and savor every moment, and I want to continue to do that for the next ten years, and beyond.

Have you thought about how your kids will be ten years from now? What is your greatest hope or dream for them?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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