Types of Toddlers: Where Are They Now?

What kind of Adults will they be?

Before MommyFriend headed over to Kid Scoop she wrote a great post about Toddler types and the kind of kids your toddler will encounter in pre-school.

Well Lori and I were talking over the weekend and thought… what kind of adults are these toddlers going to turn into…

A completely fun idea… and a way to be absolutely hysterical too right?

I should have been a comedy writer… maybe in my next life!

There are so many different kinds of toddlers and adults at that — but do you think the bossy little girl is really going to grow up to be the bossy woman?

Of course keep in mind most of this is completely tongue in cheek!

Let down your hair and have a good laugh!

  • The Wild One: Toddlerhood 1 of 20
    The Wild One: Toddlerhood
    You know the wild one... he doesn't need a half of a bag of sugar to be bouncing off the walls.
    He is just naturally like that...
    What did Lori say?
    "The wild one is the kid who's filled with more spunk and reckless energy than his little body can handle. Yep, the wild one is the same kid who can't stand still or refrain from poking his neighbor"
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Wild One: Adulthood 2 of 20
    The Wild One: Adulthood
    Not as wild anymore... probably the most mellow biker dude you could ever come across.
    Just him and the open road.
    Peaceful...shocker right?
    Minus the occasional bar fight!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The Bossy One: Toddlerhood 3 of 20
    The Bossy One: Toddlerhood
    You know her... you can spot her on the playground a mile away as you pray your kids don't come within 20 feet of her!
    What did Lori have to say about her?
    "There's no doubt about it, natural leaders are born. The boss is the kid who comes up with the rules of every game, who leads the pack during play time and maybe, just maybe is a little bit of a bully."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Bossy One: Adulthood 4 of 20
    The Bossy One: Adulthood
    Looks like all that bossing people around backfired.
    Now she is that wild child party girl that couldn't hold onto a job if she was glued to it!
    Would you like fries with that?
    Photo Credit: MorgueFile
  • The Cry Baby: Toddlerhood 5 of 20
    The Cry Baby: Toddlerhood
    I have a cry baby in my house... just so happens to be my toddler!
    No matter what happens their first instant reaction is to start bawling like it is going to make a difference.
    Whether it is a toy dispute or just leaving school!
    Everything requires tears!
    What did Lori say about the Cry Baby?
    "The crybaby is the kid who cries all. the. time. Not her turn? Cry. Asked to share? Cry. Nap time? Cry. This tearful child has yet to develop alternative methods of self-expression."
    Photo Credit: Stutterstock
  • The Cry Baby: Adulthood 6 of 20
    The Cry Baby: Adulthood
    Sadly the cry baby never learned an alternative form of self-expression, now she is the crazy cat lady!
    Or the crazy cat man!
    Cats don't mine the crying... too much at least
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The Chatterbox: Toddlerhood 7 of 20
    The Chatterbox: Toddlerhood
    This is my oldest son... although he is out of toddlerhood now as soon as he learned to talk there was no stopping him.
    He talks all day and until he finally hits the pillow for bed.
    Why? What? What is that? How? Can we?
    Lori Said about the chatterbox:
    "The chatterbox makes fast friends. Within seconds, this kid is an open book: "Hi, I have a dog named 'Dude' and a red bike. I love Transformers. Wanna come to my house and see my room? Let's be friends!" Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Chatterbox: Adulthood 8 of 20
    The Chatterbox: Adulthood
    Ever imagine the kid that could spit out 3000 words per second would be in such a disciplined line of work?
    It could happen!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The Shy One: Toddlerhood 9 of 20
    The Shy One: Toddlerhood
    I wish I could say one of my kids were the shy toddlers... I am forever worrying about who they are going to wander off with because they are too over friendly.
    But there is one in every bunch!
    Lori Described the Shy One as: "He may take a little longer to warm up, but have no fear — he's simply assessing the situation with thoughtful consideration."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Shy One: Adulthood 10 of 20
    The Shy One: Adulthood
    I guess all that timid behavior paid off because this one is the millionaire now.
    You know the quiet strong type that stayed focused and made money off their personality.
    Congrats on the success!
    Photo Credit: 401K Calculator
  • The Love Bug: Toddlerhood 11 of 20
    The Love Bug: Toddlerhood
    Every time I see this one on the playground I pray they don't have a cute stomach bug to go along with all their hugs and kisses!
    Lori described them as:
    "This loving little one wants to hug and squeeze and smooch friends and teachers because they have a heart of pure affectionate gold."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Love Bug: Adulthood 12 of 20
    The Love Bug: Adulthood
    Oh My Word!
    Its Michelle Duggar!
    45 kids will never be enough, I think we need to throw in a half dozen animals too!
    Photo Credit: TLC
  • The Teachers Pet: Toddlerhood 13 of 20
    The Teachers Pet: Toddlerhood
    Who doesn't love a teachers pet?
    They are well behaved and we all hope that our kid will be the teachers pet right?
    What did Lori say about The Teachers Pet?
    "The teacher's pet is the golden child of the preschool classroom. This seemingly perfect child takes great pride in following rules and serving as a shining example for proper classroom conduct."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Teachers Pet: Adulthood 14 of 20
    The Teachers Pet: Adulthood
    She grew up and headed straight up the food chain to become your boss!
    Rightfully so... all that hard work and sucking up totally paid off right?
    I bet the bossy kid wishes she took another route in life huh?
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Entertainer: Toddlerhood 15 of 20
    The Entertainer: Toddlerhood
    I have one of these too! The entertainer!
    Wants to be the hysterical center of attention... the class clown!
    Always in the spotlight!
    Lori said:
    "Is there anything cuter than a child with rhythm in his soul? I'm going to go with no."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Entertainer: Adulthood 16 of 20
    The Entertainer: Adulthood
    Oh dear!
    The entertainer went and turned into a damn Diva!
    Hey -- at least they have talent right?
    Photo Credit: PR Photos
  • The Little Princess: Toddlerhood 17 of 20
    The Little Princess: Toddlerhood
    We all love a little princess right?
    I mean I love seeing a little girl dressed up as girly as it gets, especially after having two boys!
    What did Lori have to say about our Little Princess?
    "The little princess is a dramatic young thing who loves to role play as the fairest of them all. She may be 3 but she's already planning her happily ever after."
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Little Princess: Adulthood 18 of 20
    The Little Princess: Adulthood
    What happened?!?! Did the little Princess turn into June from Toddlers and Tiaras?
    What a fate!
    Photo Credit: StrollerDerby
  • The Tough Guy: Toddlerhood 19 of 20
    The Tough Guy: Toddlerhood
    No tough guys in our house but when my husband was little... this was him!
    Well a mixture of this and the entertainer in Clown form!
    Lori Said:
    "Go ahead, make his day. While the tough guy may play rough and act tough, this real-life superhero offers protection to those who need it most"
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • The Tough Guy: Adulthood 20 of 20
    The Tough Guy: Adulthood
    Thanks to my husband for the great picture!
    This is what happens to the tough guy once he has kids... he turns into a big pile of mush who is melted instantly by the smile of one of his kids.
    Especially a baby girl...

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