Unfortunate (but Hilarious) Words Our Toddlers Mispronounce

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My 3-year-old and I have a daily morning routine after dropping her big sister off at school. We love to talk about the day — anything and everything on her mind is fair game. As the middle child, it’s hard for her to get one-on-one time with me, so this is our special time together to have meaningful conversations before school.

Last week, while in the car, she mentioned that she forgot to bring something to school with her (she always likes to bring a little toy to show her friends). I told her that we could do it on Wednesday and not to worry about it.

“It’s okay, I have a c*ck in my pocket on my backpack,” she told me.

“You have a what?!” I replied

“A c*ck,” she repeated.

What she really meant was that she had a clock (which is actually a compass) in her backpack. I couldn’t stop laughing at her flub, and was beyond thankful that our conversation happened in the car and not in public.

Clock isn’t the only word she doesn’t say correctly at this age, but it is the funniest. Babble and I reached out to other parents on Facebook to share the funniest word that their kids have mispronounced, and man did they not disappoint! Check out some of the funniest answers below.


“Our dog is a Pitbull. Our oldest son used to tell people that we had a dog and he was a pimple.” — Kelly S.

“Dough boy for diamond. Makes ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ very interesting. ‘Like a doughboy in the sky.’” — Lauren S.

“My daughter used to say ‘Ladies and Junglemen’ instead of Ladies and Gentlemen. And both my son and daughter thought Santa came down the ‘Jimmy,’ not the chimney. Grampire for vampire, babysuit instead of bathing suit.”  — Candice B.

“My son called scrambled eggs grandma eggs so he would ask for ‘gramma-eggs’ every time he wanted eggs. It was particularly funny at restaurant[s] when the waitress would ask how he wanted his eggs, he would say ‘gramma-eggs’ and one even asked, ‘Well how does your Grandma make eggs?'” — Abigail Z.

“‘Hanitizer’ [for] hand sanitizer.” — Melinda R.

“PaterCillar for Catepillar.”  — Nikki K.

“Helacobbler for helicopter.” — Jessica B.

“Pee-hawk instead of peacock.” — Amanda K.

“My kids had some doozies, but the one that stands out the most is my daughter ordering a hanglebooger at McDonalds.” — Annie N.

“Strawbuddies instead of strawberries” — Ashley P.

“Nipple instead of knuckle.” — Alison S.

“I love it when those mispronounced words become permanent family words. We still say ‘hunkle’ for handful and my daughter said that 30 years ago.” — Jill K.

“My niece used to say ‘fock-a-dodle’ for crocodile.” — Hope D.

“My daughter used to sing the ABC’s and [sing] H, I, J, K, Double bubble P. (Don’t know what happened to L, M, N, O).” — Gloria A.

“‘I need to potty with baboons!’ = ‘I need a party with balloons!’” — Tina S.

“My daughter used to say ‘mork matrol’ for remote control, ‘ompewter’ for computer, ‘kah-no-no’ for chocolate milk and ‘see-wool’ for cereal.” — Susan H.

“Mosquito = ‘smuckito.'”— Loly R.

“Rice Christmas Tress (rice crispy treats).” — Brittani B.

“Burger = Booger. Her favorite food is ‘cheeseboogers!'” — Brettaney Q.

“Hookups instead of hiccups.” —Robyn E.

“Damn it card is a debit card.”  — Amy S.

What is the funniest word your child has mispronounced? Share in the comments!

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