Using Ziploc for Daycare Storage

Daycare is messy.  Really, really  messy.  You know how you hear to just send your kid to daycare in rags because he’ll ruin anything good?  Well, it’s the truth.  The horrible, bitter truth that all the darling outfits from Gymboree and Gap will be ruined.

Harrison’s school has a fantastic hands-on approach in everything, which we adore for him.  But it usually  means stains and rips and oddly enough, his shoes take most of the beating on the playground thanks to the scooters he and the other boys ride every morning.  We’re instructed to bring extra clothes for him but with a small cubby, it’s hard to remember what he has and to find room to fit!

The best tip I have is to grab a gallon Ziploc bag and organize the extra clothes with it.

Bag one has extra shorts, shirt, socks.

Bag two has one more extra tshirt and an emergency diaper.

Bag three has his sheet and lovey for naptime.

Bag four is for wet/dirty clothing.

This way I can easily take inventory about what was used, what needs to be washed, etc. and refill as necessary.  How do you organize your kiddo for daycare or back to school?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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