This Video of a Dancing Chubby Toddler Will Make Your Day


Toddlers love to dance. We know this. And yet every now and then a video goes viral on the Internet because some doting parent thought their child was the most adorable, talented little person ever. And a large majority of the Internet is amused, beguiled, in rapture, and in agreement.

And thus, a viral video of toddlers being their amazing toddler selves is born.

This is a trend I can get behind. Not Beyonce or Kim K’s well-discussed behinds or even Rihanna’s naked bedazzled behind can compare to a toddler breaking it down. (As fabulous as they all are.) I’m all about the babies and the toddlers doing their cute thang. Because when a kid nails it, they really nail it, and the entertainment factor alone can eradicate all signs of stress from my day in mere moments. It may not last forever; but it’s real, it’s innocent, and it’s a valuable reminder to honor our little people as best we can.

Because they are the masters of the universe. These nose-picking, booty-shaking, joy-holding, dance-like-nobody’s-watching miniature overlords of adorable design.

So enough of what I think about toddlers for the most part. Judge for yourself. I presume at least one chuckle and smile lasting longer than 5 seconds will extricate themselves from your no-nonsense, adult-body — and for a moment — you will feel good. See how easy that was? You’re welcome. Now go on back to doing your very important tasks and juggling all the things.

I’ll be over here bowing down to my toddlers and asking them to choreograph the first dance at our wedding this summer. And you think I’m joking.



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