Vintage…No, OLD SCHOOL Toys That Are Still Great For Toddlers

fisher price garage
I friggin' loved this thing. "Elevator UP!"

I was reading Danielle’s post on 12 Vintage Toys she wants for her daughter. Sadly, I barely recognized any of them. That’s when I realized that Danielle is a whole lot younger than I am. The toys I remember from my toddler years are slightly more old school. Old being the operative word. ┬áThankfully, some of them still exist in some format or another, or maybe not so thankfully (sit-n-spin, anyone?)

Take a look at what I was playing outside or in my basement when I was a toddler.

  • The Big Wheel 1 of 8
    The Big Wheel
    This still exists in some format, but this was my absolute favorite method of transportation. I had the boy one, with all the decals and all. I think I actually had two because someone ran over my first one. Thankfully I wasn't on it at the time.
  • Bristle Blocks 2 of 8
    Bristle Blocks
    I can still remember the way these things felt and the satisfying crunch that happened when you stuck them together. Getting them apart was another story.
  • Fisher Price Little People 3 of 8
    Fisher Price Little People
    These little limbless people were awesome. Amazing how they could jump from floor to floor in the dollhouse without needing an elevator or stairs.
  • Hoppity Hop 4 of 8
    Hoppity Hop
    I was never very good at this thing but I did love it.
  • Lincoln Logs 5 of 8
    Lincoln Logs
    Thankfully, they still make these, too. However, it's really hard to find wood ones.
  • Sit N Spin 6 of 8
    Sit N Spin
    A terrible name for an awesome toy. Awesome being a relative term: if you like spinning around in circles until you feel sick, like most toddlers do.
  • Tinker Toys 7 of 8
    Tinker Toys
    Like Lincoln Logs, it's hard to find these in wood nowadays, but they still exist as do similar toys like them.
  • Weebles 8 of 8
    The Weebles and the Fisher Price little people would often have parties in my basement. It was really difficult to get the Weebles to behave, though.

All photos can be found on Pinterest.


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