Vivi’s Insta-Spring

Vivi is the best toddler on Instagram who belongs to me. The kid makes faces for days, does the silliest things and her relationship with her sister is worth a thousand words alone. I could post a photo of the most amazing sunset ever seen and it still wouldn’t get as many likes as Vivi doing something Vivi does best, which is being a toddler. When based on likes alone, people follow my family on Instagram for my kids. I try really hard not to abuse my feed with gratuitous photos of my cats, feet and face but there are times when I may be a little too liberal with the toddlergrams. You see, while I love Instagram for sharing photos with the world, I love it even more as a way to curate the best moments which I make into hardcover books every two months. My shelves are quickly filling up with little square books holding every Instagram photo I’ve taken. I started a year ago, and while I don’t know how many photos I’ve taken, I know that Vivi has grown from a baby to toddler on Instagram and it’s fun to look back at all the little things she’s done and how she’s changed.

These last two months were no exception, with the weather going from hot to cold to hot again and Vivi testing the two year old waters, she has been a joy most days and a terror on the others. The following photos are an accurate representation of what life is like with Vivi around.

  • The Daily Reunion 1 of 20
    The Daily Reunion

    One of the best parts of my day (and life!) is when Vivi greets her sister at the bus stop.

  • Ermahgerd! Siller Strars! 2 of 20
    Ermagerd! Siller Strars!

    Vivi and I had lunch at Target one afternoon, her mind was blown by her purple silly straw.

  • Happy Hygiene 3 of 20
    Happy Hygeine

    When it's time to cook dinner I let Vivi loose in the bathroom sink with a trickle of water. It's a miracle distraction.

  • The Indoor Play Place 4 of 20
    The Indoor Play Place

    Addie's spring break was anything but warm so we took to the indoor playground by our house, this slide was Vivi's favorite.

  • Easter 5 of 20

    This was Vivi's Easter outfit, boy shirt on top, tutu down below. (And a bunny for good luck.)

  • Tomatoes and Tofu 6 of 20
    Tomatoes and Tofu

    Vivi has yet to be spoiled by children's menus consisting solely of cheeseburgers and macaroni, meaning she'll eat a whole lot of fun stuff, like tomato salad and Pad Thai with tofu.

  • Balloons for Maddie and Dawn 7 of 20
    Balloons For Maddie and Dawn

    On a perfect Sunday evening we released purple and blue balloons in loving memory of two wonderful friends who were lost too soon.

  • First Band-Aid of the Season 8 of 20
    First Band-Aid of the Season

    I always try to document the first Band-Aid of the season, this one just happens to have bubbles in it as well.

  • Gardening 9 of 20

    It's not a successful day in the garden if you or your helpers aren't covered in dirt and mulch.

  • Kitty Tease 10 of 20
    Cat Tease

    The cats love to watch Vivi outside, Vivi loves to taunt the cats.

  • Itsy Bitsy 11 of 20
    Itsy Bitsy

    Vivi learned the hand motions to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and sings them to Bunny before naptime.

  • Puddle Jumpers 12 of 20
    Puddle Jumpers

    I hope my girls can always look back fondly on warm spring and summer rainfalls in Indiana.

  • Rain Dancer 13 of 20
    Puddle Seekers

    Rain Dancer Vivi and her sister Puddle Seeker.

  • Joyous Reunion 14 of 20
    Joyous Reunion

    When Vivi isn't napping I let her meet Addie at the bus. It's kind of amazing.

  • Shopping Sidekick 15 of 20

    She'll insist everything goes in her basket and she'll take your ankles out with it, but she's only trying to help.

  • Shoulder Ride in and Elevator 16 of 20
    Elevator Ride

    What's funnier than seeing yourself? Seeing yourself up close from on high.

  • Playing with Addie’s Legos 17 of 20

    Shh. Don't tell Addie. Also? Her lips. That is all.

  • Hands in Pants 18 of 20
    Hands in Pants

    If she can get them in her pants? They will be in her pants.

  • iPad Time 19 of 20
    Playing Together

    At the moment they don't fight over the iPad (much.) Addie loves pretending she's a teacher and helping Vivi with preschool games.

  • Jump 20 of 20

    Easily my favorite thing she does right now.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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