Vivi’s January in 11 Photos

Vivi's January

January was kind of a weird one for us. It started out in Utah, had a second Christmas of sorts during the first week then it got really warm. Of course the really warm didn’t last and turned into really, REALLY cold with not enough snow to really play in but enough to cause trouble. Much of January has been spent inside trying to make our house as interesting as possible to Vivi which means a lot of playing in boxes, playing in the bathtub and jumping on pillows. There were a few moments where we both went a little stir crazy and on those days we got as far away from the house as possible for as long as possible (which usually meant wandering the halls of the mall, hey, if it worked for me when I was 14 it should work just as well when I’m 30 with a toddler in tow.)

I did MUCH better this month when it comes to using my big camera, since we were out and about so much towards the end of last year my big camera kind of got the shaft while my phone and point and shoot got most of the attention. I’m pleased to report that I have not forgotten how to use it and that winter days are some of my favorite when it comes to using it.

What did Vivi’s January look like through my lens? A little like this:

  • January 8 1 of 11
    January 8
    Wherever Vivi goes, bunny goes too. He's always tucked up in her arm safe and sound.
  • January 10 2 of 11
    January 10
    She thinks that by holding a hula-hoop and twirling in circles it's the same as regular hula-hooping.
  • January 11 3 of 11
    January 11
    Bunny gets to try some snow. (He later gets dumped and left in a snow pile.)
  • January 12 4 of 11
    January 12
    This is what post-braid Vivi hair looks like, shockingly fluffy isn't it?
  • January 17 5 of 11
    January 17
    If only we could all work more yoga into our daily routines.
  • January 18 6 of 11
    January 18
    A very patient sister letting Vivi play with her lap harp.
  • January 21 7 of 11
    January 21
    The little one is always looking to the big one for what to do next.
  • January 22 8 of 11
    January 22
    She calls them bopples, or bapples, depending on what part of the country you're from.
  • January 26 9 of 11
    January 26
    Can we all just agree that this is the most terrible game toddlers play? The frustration! The anger! The short lived joy once they're finally on!
  • January 27 10 of 11
    January 27
    Addie sniffs Vivi's ear like a puppy and Vivi collapses into giggles.
  • January 31 11 of 11
    January 31
    I got new dishes, Vivi got a sweet new clubhouse.

Wondering what the same month looked like through my phone? Click over to see Vivi’s January as captured through Instagram.

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