Vivi’s January Through Instagram

Vivi January InstagramMy last post covered some of the highlights of Vivi’s January as captured through my DSLR. While they’re fantastic and wonderful, I can’t discount the unique abilities my phone possesses for capturing perfect little impromptu moments as well. I’d never take my big camera to the mall to capture our everyday, but if something cute happens while we’re there? I have no problem pulling out my phone and taking pictures of a few little things here and there. It’s something I never had when my first was a toddler, sure I could take my point and shoot but the pictures were a little iffy and they never got uploaded until months later.

For this I apologize first child.

If you read through my other post, perhaps you’ll recognize some of the outfits and situations, but Instagram gives these moments a completely different and more candid feel, like you’re peeking into my life rather than me showing you my favorite parts through my DSLR. I’ve flip flopped back and forth between PHONE! and DSLR! and I will admit there are better cameras for each situation but in the end it only matters that you capture the situation as best you can with what you have.

True story.

  • January 4 1 of 13
    January 4
    This is what jet lag, sickness and exhaustion look like on a toddler. Way cuter on her than it is on me.
  • January 5 2 of 13
    January 5
    Vivi would like for you to buy her $250 headphones please.
  • January 6 3 of 13
    January 6
    Sunglasses on upside down is her thing.
  • January 7 4 of 13
    January 7
    I found a display of bunny's relatives at Nordstrom and buried her in them. Clearly if Vivi had any idea of heaven this is what it would look like.
  • January 8 5 of 13
    January 8
    Elephant jams, sunglasses and red leopard booties. Totally normal around these parts.
  • January 11 6 of 13
    January 11
    She took my knit kitty ear hat and pretended to be a dog all afternoon.
  • January 12 7 of 13
    January 12
    Lego store. She loves peering into the little peek holes at all the creations.
  • January 14 8 of 13
    January 14
    Vivi is behind me in the tub, she insisted that bunny get in with her and there were many tears when I told her bunnies don't go in bathtubs.
  • January 16 9 of 13
    January 16
    Writing out a ticket, like a tiny little highway patrolman.
  • January 18 10 of 13
    January 18
    Judging my taste in television after a too-short nap.
  • January 22 11 of 13
    January 22
    Soba noodles with bunny at the mall on a rare day out to escape cabin fever.
  • January 27 12 of 13
    January 27
    It's really hard to vacuum when you have a toddler hugging it the whole time.
  • January 31 13 of 13
    January 31
    Clearly one of the ten very best things toddlers do.

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