Sibling Love


I love to listen in on my kids as they play.  I wish I had a little device that would let me hear all of the things that they say to each other when they’re out of ear shot.

The other day, it went something like this:

Kaelyn (my daughter who is 3 1/2): “Bren, I’m going to my house, if you wanna come over and visit you can.”  And she proceeded to go into our guest/play room and shut the door.

A few second later Bren went up to the door.

B: “Anybody home?” he yelled and knocked.

B: “Brring, brring!  Anybody home?”

My daughter opened the door.

K: “Hi Bren! Come into my house, I’ll make you some dinner.”

And in he went! They shut the door and continued playing together.

I just stood there, laughing in disbelief.  Where in the world did he learn to play like that?!  When my daughter was two, I really didn’t think she understood pretend play.  But here is my son, who just turned two, proving me all wrong.

Obviously he learned pretend play from his sister and I love it. The relationship between them is one of the sweetest things to me.  It melts my heart every time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they can fight with the best of them – but that’s another story for another day.

This day, they were playing together so well that I actually got a few minutes to myself while they “cooked” for each other.  Pure bliss.

Encouraging your kids to have a strong sibling relationship can start at such a young age.  My kids have been best buds pretty much from the beginning.  They are 20 months apart, so neither of them really remembers life without the other.

We have worked hard to help them learn how to play nice, how to fight fair and how to love each other well.  They definitely don’t always do it perfectly, but I am so proud of the relationship that is growing between them.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of them together.

  • Baby Love 1 of 8
    Baby Love
    From the day he came home from the hospital, she was smitten!
  • You are so funny! 2 of 8
    You are so funny!
    No one can make him laugh harder than his sister.
  • So Sweet 3 of 8
    So Sweet
    In their pj's and ready for bed.
  • Books and More Books 4 of 8
    Books and More Books
    It makes me so happy that they love to read together!
  • Woosh! 5 of 8
    They have so much fun together!
  • Apple Picking 6 of 8
    Apple Picking
    I love how he looks up to her.
  • On A Walk 7 of 8
    On A Walk
    When they hold hands, it melts my heart!
  • Dress Up 8 of 8
    Dress Up
    Someday he will be mad at me for this, but he loves to play dress up with his sister!

How do you encourage a positive and loving relationship between your toddler and their sibling(s)?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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