Watermelon Pops: A Tasty Summer Treat To Make With Your Toddler

We made watermelon pops this weekend as a Fourth of July treat. They were easy, healthy, and toddler friendly. I think we may just keep making them all summer long. They are that good (and that easy).

I love to bake with my kids, but now that it’s 90 degrees outside we’re not doing much baking. We don’t have air conditioning and turning on the oven would boost our house temperature too much to contemplate. So instead, I’ve been looking for no-bake recipes that we can make together.

I found the idea for these watermelon pops over at FamilyFun. The idea is so simple — use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from a slice of watermelon. They made stars; we made an assortment of crazy shapes (with our funky IKEA cookie cutters).

Spread the shapes out on a foil-covered cookie sheet, insert popsicle sticks into each, cover with another sheet of foil, then freeze until hard. We snacked on the extra watermelon bits that were left over, but you could also use them in a fruit salad or pop them into the blender for a quick watermelon slushie.

Take them out and enjoy when you are ready for a cool summer treat!

And if you have any other ideas for easy summer recipes to make with kids, I’d love to hear them!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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