Way Cuter When a Toddler Does It

Things that are cuter when a toddler does them.It’s started to happen more and more: Vivi does something new or something silly and we all laugh. Addie, seeing that we’re all laughing at Vivi, tries to do the same thing but it just doesn’t work. We don’t want to hurt her feelings, but sometimes toddlers can get away with a lot more than older kids and adults. A perfect example is babbling and baby talk. When Vivi comes up with funny little words for things it’s adorable; when Addie tries to baby talk, I want to say, “CHILD! I HAVE SPENT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ATTEMPTING TO TEACH YOU PRONUNCIATION AND PROPER GRAMMAR. DON’T RUIN IT.” I don’t say it, of course, and there are things that Addie does that are equally hysterical in a completely different way (she drew me a picture of a cat covered in frogs–it’s my new favorite). The two of them together is one of the best parts of my life.

For now, here’s a few things that are way cuter when done by a toddler rather than by anyone else.

  • Bedhead 1 of 8
    When Vivi wakes up with hair in every direction, it's adorable. When I do? It's a sad, sad sight.
  • Hiding Behind Curtains 2 of 8
    Hiding Behind Curtains
    Vivi loves to hide behind the curtains and it's adorable to see her little piggies stick out.
    Sadly when Cody hides behind the curtains it looks way more serial killer.
  • Yoga Poses 3 of 8
    Yoga Poses
    There's some yoga photography that is amazing and powerful, but it's never cute. Little toddlers with their bums in the air? One of the cutest things a toddler does.
  • Upside Down Sunglasses 4 of 8
    Upside Down Sunglasses
    It's her thing. I don't question it.
  • Rolls 5 of 8
    Yep, that's me on the right, 60 pounds heavier during a very rough period of my life.
    Vivi's thighs on the left? Awww!
    Mine on the right? Ohhhh.
  • Ridiculous Jammies 6 of 8
    Ridiculous Jammies
    Yes, I own penguin footie jammies. I love them, but would be mortified if anyone saw me in them. Vivi on the other hand? All of her jammies are hysterical, and she looks adorable in all of them.
  • Face Smash Sleep 7 of 8
    Face Smash Sleep
    Sleeping in general is just so much cuter when it's a tiny person doing it, but there is certainly an age where sleeping goes from adorable to awful (no offense Cody.)
  • This 8 of 8
    I mean, she loves balls. She loves putting thing down and/or up her shirts. It was only a matter of time before this happened, right?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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