We Are Having a Candyless Easter

Goodbye Candy!

Last month we made our first trip to the dentist and I can honestly say that I could never be more secure in a parenting choice – this one just happens to be doing away with candy in our house.

With Easter this weekend I am ready to get bashed from here to Hong Kong for being the mean mommy that is abusing my kids by not letting them get sugar high on Peeps and solid chocolate bunny rabbits.

Long story short – learning that my 2-year-old needs a filling at 2 years old was enough to shock me right into reality. Of course the office reassured me that it is actually very common today and gave me a list of foods to cut.

Surprisingly the culprit in our case wasn’t candy or soda. Yes, apparently some parents actually give their toddlers soda – my heart stopped even just thinking about it. But it was fruit snacks!  With deep grooves in our toddlers teeth, sticky snacks like that are apparently a recipe for dental problems.

Thankfully we learned this long before there was any long-term damage done. Through all of this I have not only become a stronger advocate for dental visits early in toddlerhood, but also more skeptical of sugary treats in our house.

Instead of baskets filled with candy we are opting for something just as toddler-friendly, but without the added trips to the dentist. We’re doing baskets with one large treat, which just so happens to be the Dream Lites, a toy both of our boys have been asking for, and a plethora of outdoor toys to get ready for spring.

What are you putting in your Easter baskets? Below are just a couple things I will be including in our annual Easter baskets instead of sugar!

  • Bubbles 1 of 7
    What toddler doesn't love bubbles? During the spring and summertime they are a must-have for our backyard activities.
    Just beware of getting it near eyes or in the mouth! Disasters!
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  • Sidewalk Chalk 2 of 7
    Sidewalk Chalk
    What toddler doesn't love drawing all over the place? The best part is water will erase it all and then they can start all over again. My toddler absolutely loves drawing and creating with sidewalk chalk.
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  • Bug House 3 of 7
    Bug House
    I prefer to think of it as a bug hut and leave the snake option out of it. As a mom of boys, I've learned to deal with bugs to an extent. Snakes are NOT something I can deal with all. In an attempt to encourage my boys to embrace nature, I opted for a bug house. This one made by Melissa & Doug is great and affordable!
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  • Frisbee 4 of 7
    This fun outside activity will help to not only keep your tike in shape, but will also help them with coordination as they grow. What a better time to start playing Frisbee than toddlerhood? I love this adorable toddler friendly frisbee made by Melissa & Doug as well!
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  • Kickball 5 of 7
    To me, this is the ultimate toddler toy. I know any ball with a character or cartoon on it is the key to my toddler's heart.
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  • Kids Gardening Set 6 of 7
    Kids Gardening Set
    In the past couple years I have built a small gardening kit for the kids and each year I add something new. They love joining in with me!
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  • Action Figures 7 of 7
    Action Figures
    Whether it is My Little Ponys or action figures from our kids' favorite Disney movies, I try to include one a year. I used to do more Matchbox cars but we really don't need ANY more in our house!
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