We Cannot Wait for Disney’s Planes Movie

Disney-Planes-LogoMy son is obsessed with Disney’s Cars and Cars 2. It was the first movie he sat through all the way without wiggling or losing interest and Lightning McQueen has been a staple in our home since that day. We own almost every die-cast car from the series and you can always find me digging through the racks at Target to see if maybe they have the Retro Radiator Springs Sheriff in stock. Cars is always our go-to movie in a pinch (although it’s not called Cars in our house – we call the first movie “Frank” after the beloved combine and the second movie Finn after the main character).

I don’t remember ever being obsessed with a movie quite like he is with Cars, but I was also born three decades ago when movies just weren’t marketed like they are today. You went and saw a movie and great! the end!

I first heard about Planes…well, I don’t remember where. I think an article? Then they plopped in a teaser in the beginning of Cars 2. At first, Harrison barely paid attention to the 30-second trailer but a few weeks ago, his little ears and eyes perked up. Now every time the trailer comes on, he squeals and points. If I’m in the other room, he calls me in to watch it with him. This morning, he told me over french toast that he was “so ‘cited!” for the Planes movie.

I told my husband to buckle up, because we’re in it for the ride. He’ll be almost four when it comes out and the perfect pickins’ for marketing. Toys, shoes, shirts, etc. I can see it all now and my bank account is cringing.

But I’m also mirroring his excitement – it will be the first movie he sees in theaters and yep, we’ll spring for that bag of popcorn.

Disney’s Planes release date is August 9, 2013. Just in case it’s not yet on your calendar, circled in red like mine!

p.s. not sponsored. just so ‘cited!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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